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Learners License Front page girl pictureDo you need to pass your Learner's Licence test? You’ve come to the right place! We are a South African site that provides free online mock test papers where you can practice the types of questions you'll find in the real K53 Learner's test, and see which areas you need to improve on most. Our goal is to help you pass your Learner's test the first time and put you well on your way towards getting your Driver's Licence.

Check out our revision and K53 test material below to practise for your Learner's Licence test now!

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Wanna revise Road Signs & Markings for your Learner's Licence? We have all the South African signs and markings you need to know!

Need to study your K53 Rules of the Road? We have a list of SA's rules to help you with your Learner's & Driver's Licence!

Our Learner's revision material is:

  • K53 test compliant
  • Totally Free

Road Signs revision - pick the type of sign you’d like to study and start swotting!

Rules of the Road revision - get revising for your Learner's Licence!

Vehicle Controls - in South Africa they're on the right!

Psst... check out our Cheat Sheet.


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Studied your material and nailed it the first time. Thank you guys!!!!!!