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The test itself is a multiple-choice test - there are no-paragraph or essay-like questions.

There are 3 sections: "Traffic Signs, Signals and Road Markings", "Rules of the Road", and "Controls for Vehicles". The first 2 sections have 30 questions each, whereas Controls for Vehicles has 8 questions. You need to pass each section on its own before you can pass the whole test - so if you pass 2 of the 3 sections, but fail 1 section (even a little), you will NOT pass your test. You need to pass all 3 sections. The number of questions you need to get right for each section are as follows:

Traffic Signs, Signals and Road Markings: 23/30 (77%)

Rules of the Road: 22/30 (74%)

Controls for Vehicles: 6/8 (75%)

Please note that these numbers may differ slightly between testing centres, so we advise that you always check your local testing centre to see what their requirements are.

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Shannon Smith
Wrote my learners today (13/5/2015) in Stellenbosch and passed with Full Marks in all categories thanks to this really helpful site. Mostly due to the fact that its the one site that is free and doesnt expect hefty payment to help those needed study material. Goodluck to anyone still to write! x