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You should get your driver's licence! 

Once you have your Learner's Licence, be sure to stick the giant red letter “L” in the bottom left hand corner of the rear window of the car you will be driving in.

We suggest you go for lessons at a reputable driving school with a professional driving instructor, or ask your parents or someone with many years of driving experience to teach you. Be aware that while your parents may know how to drive, they may not be aware of the specific K53 style of driving. Make sure to purchase a book with the K53 style of driving instructions if you do not use an instructor. Our Sister site,, has a driving school and instructor directory for South Africa, as well as tips on how to choose the right instructor for you. You can browse and contact driving schools and instructors for free. It also has a list of relevant driving resources and loads of useful revision material and general information about the driver's licence test.

You may drive only under the supervision of a person who already has a valid Driver's Licence, for the same category of vehicle you are about to drive in.

We strongly suggest that this person sit next to you at all times. If this is not possible for some peculiar reason,(e.g. your surf board is in the passenger seat) they are allowed to sit behind you.

If your Learner's Licence is for a motorcycle and your motorcycle does not have a side car, you are not allowed to carry a passenger. You are therefore permitted to drive your motorcycle on your own, once you have had lessons from an experienced motorcycle rider.

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Caitlyn Shapiro
Hey getyourlearners! Thank you SO MUCH for the free mock test!! I'm at Uni and really dont have time to deal with more books (I have alot lol!), so the online test is ideal!