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If you have had alcohol to drink.

If you have taken any drugs.

If you have taken medication that leads to drowsiness (see medication information insert).

If you are very tired.

If you have just had a fight with someone and or for some other reason you are feeling very angry or upset.

If you need to talk on the cell phone, send SMS or read an SMS.

If your car has a flat tyre.

If it is raining and your windscreen wipers are defective or worn through.

If your tyres are needing to be replaced due to low tread. (Many insurance companies will not pay you out for a claim if it turns out that when you had an accident, your tyres were worn.)

If your car has any other mechanical problems. Tip: Always have your car checked if it suddenly starts making strange noises as this is often an indication of something really wrong.

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Nokubonga Vusani
Thank you in million times.I passed my learners today(04 October 2017).You guys you rock.After I failed for the first time.I decided to google online for help.I bumped on your site.I kept practising for days.Today yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.