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You cannot apply for someone else. You can only apply for yourself.

You cannot apply for a licence if you have a licence that was suspended or cancelled by a court of law and the period for the suspension has not yet ended.

If you have any illness or disease or disability, that would endanger yourself and others if you were driving. eg: A severe mental illness, blindness or really poor vision, uncontrollable epilepsy, common dizzy spells or frequent fainting – which could be caused by numerous factors. You will also not be granted a licence if you suffer any muscular co-ordination or Diabetes Mellitus or if you are an addict to mind altering substances. Having hearing problems or being deaf, is NOT regarded as a problem or driving limitation.

If you have not studied properly and do not know the rules of the road, road traffic signs, plus signals and surface markings and also the controls of the car or motorcycle – you will not pass and therefore not qualify. We suggest you practise numerous times, to be sure you will pass.

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Siyanda Majavu
Oh! Man.. am so grateful to this site. Passed my code 8 learners licence today (13/05/2016) first time. Discovered this site two days before my test and it really helped. I will definitely recommend to people. Thank you guys..