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Learning South Africa’s Rules of the Road is a vital part of getting your K53 Learner's Licence. There are around 30 questions on Rules of the Road in the Learner's Licence Test, and learners need to score 74% or higher in the section in order to pass it. South Africa’s Rules of the Road may look like a lot to learn, but don’t worry, they’re not too bad once you get into “learner's test” mode and get started. 

learners licence south africa rod signsWelcome! Here you can study all of the K53 South African Road Signs and Markings. You’ll need to know most of these signs for your Learner's Licence Test, and it is advisable to know all of them in order to become a good driver and pass your future Driver’s Licence Test - you never know which traffic signs you might come across during your test!

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Here you can revise Vehicle Controls for your Learner's Licence Test. There are around 8 Vehicle Controls questions in the Learner's test, and learners need to achieve 75% (6/8) or higher in order to pass it. Vehicle Controls is probably the easiest section in the learner's test, but it’s also the section where you are allowed the fewest questions wrong; it takes only three wrong answers to fail this section.

Learner's License cheat sheet useful list of numbersCheck out our Cheat Sheet - it makes learning all those seemingly-arbitrary distances (like no parking closer than 6m to a bridge) much easier. You will need to know these for the K53 Learners Test, so get studying!


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This is helping me a lot and I feel more confident to write the test. Hold thumbs for me I am writing on 16 August 2014 @ 08h30.