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Vehicle to be driven on the left side of roadway

Any person driving a vehicle on a public road shall do so by driving on the left side of the roadway and, where such roadway is of sufficient width, in such manner as not to encroach on that half of the roadway to his or her right: Provided that such encroachment shall be permissible-

(a) where it can be done without obstructing or endangering other traffic or property which is or may be on such half and for a period and distance not longer than is necessary and prudent and provided that it is not prohibited by a road traffic sign; or

(b) in compliance with a direction of a traffic officer or a road traffic sign.

These provisions shall not apply in the case of a public road which is restricted to traffic moving thereon in one direction only.


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Gotta say, i spent the last 3 days reading these testimonials and still wasn't quite sure of how helpful this site is. I wrote my learners today and man, I give it a full 100% heads up. If you're currently going through this site wondering if it will help, trust me it will. just keep going back and fourth through the mock test and cheat sheets and you've basically got your layout for the actual test. other than that, go through the k53 book as revision.
Big thank you to the site creators from my side, You guys gave me more knowledge than i even knew i was receiving when i first went through the site. All the best to you guys writing anytime soon.