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Certain vehicles may be stopped and parked at any place where necessary

1) The driver of a fire-fighting vehicle, a rescue vehicle or an ambulance who drives such vehicle in the execution of his or her duties, a traffic officer who drives a vehicle in the execution of his or her duties, a person who drives a vehicle while he or she is engaged in civil protection as contemplated in section 3 of the Civil Protection Act, 1977 (Act No. 67 of 1977), or a person who drives a vehicle while it is used in connection with the construction or maintenance of a public road or the rendering of an essential public service, may stop or park the vehicle concerned at any place it may be necessary to do so.

2) While such vehicle is so stopped or parked, display the identification lamps as prescribed.

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I wrote my code 2 test on 30/05/2016 and I passed I will strongly recommend this site to everyone. the cheat sheet was of utmost significance. I also coupled it with the K53 book. thanks a lot to the site developers.