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Right Turn Hand SignalRight Turn Hand Signal. Hand signal to turn right. Your arm must stick out as far out of the window as possible so that it is clearly visible to other motorists. The palm of your hand should face forwards with your fingers together and the arm fully horizontal. Keep your arm extended until you feel it is time to brake and turn. If the signal is not done properly you have to do it again, and if it is wrong the second time you will fail the test. 


Left Turn Hand Signal

Left Turn Hand Signal. Hand signal to turn left. Extend your right arm horizontally from the window with your forearm pointing towards the ground. Turn your forearm using an anti-clockwise motion until you feel it is time to brake and turn. If the signal is not done clearly enough, you lose three points. If it is not done properly, you will be asked to do it a second time. You will fail if you make mistakes during the second attempt.



Stop Hand Signal

Stop Hand Signal. Hand signal to stop. Put your arm horizontally out of the window with the forearm pointing straight up. With your fingers together, keep your palm open and facing forward until you feel it’s time to stop. If this signal is not done clearly enough, you will lose three points. You get two chances to signal, and will fail if you make any mistakes the second time.


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I want to thank God, for He kept me calm throughout my test.

I passed on the 02 August 2016, with the following results 23 Rules of Road, 23 Signs and 06 Controls.

Thank you Get your learners for your recommendation of study my K53 book and your mock test. All I had to do was study and write in my native language.