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Prohibition on driving on shoulder of public road, except in certain circumstances

1) No person shall drive a motor vehicle on the shoulder of a public road.

2) The driver of a motor vehicle may, during the period between sunrise and sunset, drive such motor vehicle on the shoulder of a public road which is designated for one lane of traffic in each direction-

(a) while such motor vehicle is being overtaken by another vehicle; and

(b) if he or she can do so without endangering himself or herself, other traffic, pedestrians or property on such public road;

(c) if persons and vehicles upon a public road are clearly discernible at a distance of at least 150 metres.

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I'm Writing my test on the 04/11/2015. Been studying using the website will let you guys know how it goes. please hold thumbs for me hope I pass my learners for kode 10 - Vanderbijlpark