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Driving on divided public road

1) Whenever any public road has been divided into two or more roadways by means of an intervening space or by a physical barrier or dividing section so constructed as to impede vehicular traffic, no person shall drive a vehicle upon such public road except upon the left-hand roadway, unless directed or permitted by an appropriate road traffic sign or a traffic officer to use another roadway.

2) No person shall drive a vehicle on, over, across or within any dividing space, barrier or section, except through an opening in such space, barrier or section or at a cross-over or intersection: Provided that no person shall so drive through any such opening or at any such cross-over or intersection where such driving is prohibited by an appropriate road traffic sign or by a traffic officer: Provided further that these provisions shall not apply to a traffic officer in the performance of his or her duties.

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Zeta Truter
hi guys just want to say thank you so much to this site i have passed my licence and i only used this site thanks again i will definitely recommend it to all my other friends who are learning for their learners :)