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Use of direction indicators in lieu of hand signals

1) (a) The driver of a vehicle which is fitted with direction indicators shall signal his or her intention to turn or move to the left or right by operating the direction indicator on the left or right side, as the case may be, of the vehicle.

(b) The driver of a vehicle who has put a direction indicator into operation to signal his or her intention to turn or move to the left or right shall, as soon as the need to signal has passed, cease to keep such indicator in operation.

2) The driver of a tractor or of a combination of motor vehicles of which the drawing vehicle is a tractor, may in lieu of giving the appropriate hand signal, signal his or her intention to turn to the left or to the right or move to the left or to the right by extending a portable direction indicator which complies with the following requirements:

(a) When in use, the indicator shall project at least 300 millimetres beyond the widest art of the vehicle or load thereon, whichever is the wider;

(b) the portable direction indicator shall consist of a red fluorescent arrow of adequate rigidity, with dimensions as shown in Diagram A hereto, attached to a handle the length of which shall comply with the requirements of paragraph (a); and

(c) a yellow retro-reflector complying with the definition of a retro-reflector shall be fitted to the front and back surfaces of the arrow as illustrated hereunder.


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i came acros dis wesite last week and today i was writing my learners licence for de 4th tym,and jst lyk to thank dis website for giving me so much help n confidence God bless u.i recommend dis site to frnd.million thanks