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Right of way at certain road junctions

The driver of a vehicle on a public road shall, when he or she intends entering any portion of a public road which constitutes a junction of two or more public roads where vehicular traffic is required to move around a traffic island within such junction, yield the right of way to all vehicular traffic approaching from his or her right within such junction, unless his or her entry into such junction is controlled by an instruction given by a traffic officer or a direction conveyed by a road traffic sign requiring him or her to act differently.

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Kayleigh Vida
22/02/2017 Thank you so much to get your learners , today was my second attempt at getting my learners licence and I passed with flying colours thanks to this helpful site and my K53 material that I revised. I will recommend this site to all my friends. I studied on this site for two days and I passed so beautifully. Thank you!!!