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k53 road signs - study them today for your learners with our revision material

Welcome! Here you can study all of the K53 South African Road Signs and Markings. You’ll need to know most of these signs for your Learner's Licence Test, and it is advisable to know all of them in order to become a good driver and pass your future Driver’s Licence Test - you never know which traffic signs you might come across during your test! There are around 30 questions on South Africa's Road Signs in the Learners test, and learners need to achieve 77% (23/30) or higher in order to pass it.

Some learners have trouble remembering all the different South African Road Signs and what they mean. An easy way to study them for your learners test is to learn what certain types of Road Signs look like. For example, Action Command signs tend to be round, blue signs with white boarders; these signs command learners and drivers to do certain things, such as keep left or that only busses may drive here

Once you have learned some basic rules about Road Signs for your test, you can generally figure out what the signs are saying. You need to know your road signs for both your Learner's and Driver's Licence Tests - if you choose to take driving lessons with an instructor, they will expect you to know your road signs well enough to drive safely on the road. (Need a driving instructor? Find one at

Select the type of K53 Road Sign you’d like to study from the drop-down box below to get started.

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Tourism sign

 Generic - National park

 National parks

 Generic - Provincial parks

 Provincial parks Gauteng

 Provincial parks Free State

 Provincial parks Western Cape

 Provincial parks Kwazulu-Natal

 Generic - Resorts

 Country clubs (Golf)

 Hot springs

 Inland water



 Generic – Scenic

 Nature reserve

 National Heritage site

 Botanical gardens

 Gardens (Flowers)


 Lake or dam (No watersport)


 View point

 Forest (Natural)

 State forest


 Motor racing track

 Golf course

 Horse racecourse

 Equestrian events


 Cricket field

 Swimming pool

 Sports stadium

 Generic - Wildlife

 Conservancy area

 Game reserve

 Bird park/sanctuary


 Snake park

 Crocodile park

 Rhino park

 Lion park

 Generic - Historical

 National monument


 Historic mine

 Historic railway station

 Historic battlefield

 Historic cemetry

 Geological site

 Generic - Coastal

 Marine reserve

 Maritime museum






 Boat launch





 Generic - Arts & craft

 Painting & drawing



 Weaving & knitting


 African arts & crafts



 Generic - Cultural



 Hiking trail

 Horse trail

 4x4 trail

 Bike trail

 River rafting

 Scuba diving


 Generic - Farming

 Wine cellar

 Wine route/estate


 Cherry farm

 Ostrich farm & riding

 Ostrich farm

 Fish farm

 Roadside stall

 Butterfly Park

 Animal theme park



 Hospital (with name)

 First aid post

 SOS call station (sign)

 SOS call station (post)

 NSRI(National Sea Rescue Institute)

 Ambulance/medical services

 Fire station/services

 Cell phone emergency number

 Filling station & workshop

 Filling station


 Tow-in service

 Truck rest & service area




 Rural shop/cafe/corner shop

 Parking area (free parking)



 Drinking water


 Cooking facilities

 Picnic area

 Tourist information

 Facility for handicapped

 Roadside stall/curio shop

 Post office

 Rest area (Class 1)

 Rest area (Class 2)

 Rest area (Class 3)

 Motor cars




 Delivery vehicles

 Motor cycles

 Accommodation (incl. hotels, inns etc)

 Chalet/self catering

 Caravan site

 Camp site

 Guest house

 Bed & breakfast

 Rooms (bed only)

 Youth hostel/centre/camp

 Trail shelter

 Guest farm

 Ethnic (Zulu)

 Motor cars




 Motor cycles





 Facility for handicapped



 Straight-on arrow

 Left/right arrow

 Diagonal left/right arrow

 Advance left/right arrow

 Exit (route number)


 Filling station & workshop

 Filling station

 Picnic area

 Tourist information

 Motor car wash

 Truck wash

 Drinking water


 Cooking facilities


 Freeway advance exit

 Advance turn

 Final turn

 Service exit sequence

 Rest & service sequence

 Advance roadside emergency service

 Part-time attraction

 Central business centre

 Shopping centre

 Railway station


 Bus station

 Minibus rank



 Parking garage


 Information centre/layby

 Post office

 Industrial area

 Waste disposal site

 Produce market

 Conference facilities

 Power station



 Swimming pool

 Border/customs post

 Fire station


 Advance local direction

 Local direction

 Local fingerboard

 Arrestor bed

 Change to lower gear

 Traffic movement affected by obstruction

 Additional lane

 Lane use control by regulatory sign

 Lanes merge

 Arrestor bed pre-advance exit

 Engage lower gear

 Overhead lane use control by regulation sign

 Public transport

 At grade lane layout

 Junction with warning sign


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