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Here you can revise Vehicle Controls for your Learner's Licence Test. There are around 8 Vehicle Controls questions in the Learners test, and learners need to achieve 75% (6/8) or higher in order to pass it. Vehicle Controls is probably the easiest section in the learners test, but it’s also the section where you are allowed the fewest questions wrong; it takes only three wrong answers to fail this section.

For your Learner's Licence Test, you will need to know the names of all the numbered parts as well as their functions. You also need to know how they interact – a common question in the Learner's Test is to ask you to name all the parts used when turning the car. You need to know the answer but also be vigilant, because sometimes the options they give you are to try to trip you up. Always read the question and the options carefully and make sure you understand both before answering.

When studying Vehicle Controls for your Learner's, make sure the driver’s side is on the right, since in South Africa we drive on the left.

Learner's tip: the way to tell the difference between the indicator and the windscreen wipers is to check which number points to both an instrument near the steering wheel and to the wipers. In the case of our diagram, the windscreen wipers are number 10.

Motor Vehicle Controls:


Learners Test Vehicle Control revision material

1 - Steering Wheel: Used to change direction, or maintain the one you're driving in. Both hands should be on the wheel at all times except to change gears or to indicate.

2 - Direction Indicator: Used to indicate you wish to turn - signals turning left or right.

3 - Gear Lever: Used to change gears.

4 - Hand/Parking Brake: Used to keep your vehicle stationary, especially on inclines. Pull the lever up to engage the brake.

5- Clutch Pedal: Used to change gears in a manual vehicle.

6- Foot-brake Pedal: Used to slow your speed or to stop.

7- Accelerator: Used to increase your speed.

8- Rear-view Mirror: Used to see other vehicles and hazards behind you for safety.

9 - Side mirror: Used to see vehicles behind and to the side of you for saftey.

10 - Windscreen Wipers Switch: Used to turn your windscreen wipers on, off or to a higher or lower wiper setting for a clear view while driving in rain. Also used to try to clean your windscreen.

11 - Speedometer: Used to see at what speed you're driving.

12 - Temperature Gauge: Used to check the vehicle's temperature to make sure the engine is not over-heating.


Motorcycle Controls:


learners license south africa motorcycle controls revision picture

1 -Handlebars: Used to steer motorcycle - change or maintain direction.

2 - Direction Indicator: Used to indicate you wish to turn - signals turning left or right.

3 - Gear Lever/Selector: Used to change and select gears.

4 - Handbrake/Front-wheel Brake: Used to stop or to reduce speed to front wheel.

5 - Clutch: Used to change gears.

6 - Foot-brake Pedal: Used to stop or to reduce speed to back wheel.

7 - Mirror: Used to see other vehicles and hazards behind you for safety.

8 - Speedometer: Used to see at what speed you're driving.

9 - Centre/Side-stand: Used to keep the motorcycle upright when it's parked.

10 - Accelerator: Used to increase your speed.


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