Motorcycle You may not use a motorcycle on a public road- unless all parts of the steering gear are maintained in a condition, which enables the motorcycle to be steered safely and efficiently; unless the distance between the outside edges of the handlebars is between 600 and 800 millimetres in respect of motorcycles having an […]



You may not drive a light motor vehicle or motorcycle on a public road unless it is fitted with stop lamps at the rear. When in use, they must emit a red light, which must be greater than that of the light emitted by the rear lamps and must be visible in normal sunlight at

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You may not ride any motorcycle or a motor tricycle on a public road unless such cycle is fitted with a rear lamp emitting a red light to the rear. You may not drive a light motor vehicle on a public road unless it is fitted with lamps at the rear, emitting a red light

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Motorcycles You may not operate any motorcycle, on a public road unless all lamps fitted to such motorcycles are undamaged, properly secured and capable of being lighted at all times; When riding a motorcycle on a public road, the headlamp must be lighted at all times. (During night and day) Light and Heavy Motor Vehicles

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Vehicle Controls

Here you can revise Vehicle Controls for your Learner’s Licence Test. There are around 8 Vehicle Controls questions in the Learner’s test, and learners need to achieve 75% (6/8) or higher in order to pass it. Vehicle Controls is probably the easiest section in the learner’s test, but it’s also the section where you are allowed the fewest questions wrong; it takes only

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Learner’s Licence FAQ

Here you can find information regarding your South African Learner’s Licence. We try to answer a multitude of your Learner’s Test questions such as what requirements you need to meet in order to be eligable for a Learner’s Licence, what format the K53 Test is in, and where your nearest Driving Licence Testing Centre might

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Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet is included below, but you can also download it by joining our Facebook group and going to the ‘files’ section. Welcome to our Cheat Sheet*– an easily-checkable list of all the various figures you need to know for your Learners Licence. These figures and numbers can be found throughout South African learners books,

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