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Cyclists sign
Sharp curve chevron sign
Loose stones sign

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About this quiz

This quiz is a great way to help you become familiar with all of the South African Road Signs for your K53 Learners Licence Test.

Do as few or as many questions as you like – each question is generated randomly, and so you can go on answering questions for as long as you want to. Some of these signs are quite rare and probably wont appear in your test, but you should know as many as you can for both your Learners Test and your Drivers Licence. There are around 30 questions on South Africa's Road Signs in the Learners test, and learners need to achieve 77% (23/30) or higher in order to pass it. Remember that you’re not only learning for your Learners Licence Test – you also need to know these Road Signs in order to become a good driver.

Remember the real Learners Licence Test will also include more challenging questions about the Rules of the Road and Vehicle Controls - similar to the questions in our K53 Learners Mock Test.

A tip for learning South Africa’s Road Signs; learn what kind of sign you’re seeing (Prohibitive Action Sign, Action Command sign, etc) and then try to understand what the image in the sign is conveying to you.

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I'm am writing my learners on Wednesday 26/11/2014. wish me luck this site is super cool.