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hi, I literally did not study at all, did not even look at the k53 book, but used the tests and info on this site ONLY and passed my learners first attempt on the 13/10/2015. definitely recommend this is awesome. thank you.
I passed my learners on the 8th of this month thanks to this site
14/10/215 Only discovered this website yesterday after struggling to study with other material.This website is truly amazing, wish i had discovered it earlier. writing later today for the 2nd time and feeling a lot more confident than ever before. Holding thumbs...thanks for the great website.
Awesome site, thnx a million.
I am writing my test tomorrow, this site has been really helpful while studying, Thanks a Lot!!!!
I'm so happy, I passed my learners licence yesterday.
Thanks to your website.
writing my learners on wednesday. stressing quite a lot. dont know if this site helps?
Well I am busy learning for mine if any one or any body would accept to help me pass my learners I will be greatful I just heard by someone the test are very difficult so I wouldnt mind getting tips from the one that pass tests with flying colours
God bless you getyourlearners, I'm am so grateful, I got 100% for my learners! This website is amazing!
Hlw I jst passed my learners test today, getyourlearners site has helped me a lot, thank working nw into getting my drivers licence. Thank you team big tym.
Thanks for the help on this site as I have passed my test on the first try
So I have written 2 learners and my 3rd tomorrow. Bike, car and now bike again as it expired and this site has helped both times and I am sure it will help a 3rd time.
Thanks to this website I passed my learners licence today. I can assure you that revising with this site is worthwhile as most of the questions featured in the mock test came out. I wrote at Langlaagte DLTC via a computerised system. Keep practising using this website, you wont regret it!! Study the quizfire as well
got my learners on Friday 02 0ct 15 1st tym thank you soo much to the creators of this site u rock!!!!!
the cheat sheet plz learn and all the roadmarkings the mock test is spot on best of luck to all.
I passed my test 03/10/2015.this site is excellent. Don't just do the questions. Go through the readings for each section and cheet sheet is a must certainly helped me to pass
Thanks so much @getyourlearners. Just wrote my test and passed. Thanks for a great site, much appreciated.
Passed My Bike Learners 1st time Car Learners 1st time and now im going 4 my truck learners :DD and this site has helped me with all 3 of them
Wrote my test yesterday ( 30/09/2015) passed very well. This site is really awesome and I used the k53 so yeah. God is good study hard and have faith.
I just passed my @ 8:00 today (01-10-2015) thanks to this sight It really helped.
I was very stressed and nervous , because I didn't have any other sources that I could use as study material for my learners test accept this web site.. So I wrote my learners today on the 30th September 2015 for the first time and I passed the test thanx to 'GET YOUR LEARNERS' and also my main source wich is GOD . I am so grateful for this site.. You rock !!!
I've written my Motorcycle test before and passed the first time thanks to this site and I am now writing my Light Motor Vehicle test in 2 days and I'm just doing some revision and I am still astonished at how great this site looks, feels and educates. Thank you so much.

Hey you reading this! I jus passed my learners today, first attempt, thanks be to God. Well I was confident too, you know why? because each day I practiced the questions here. I assure you now, 80% of these questions appear on the test. One more thing, jus browse through the cheat sheet, take the random signs quiz, visit the revision page. Then you are good to go. All the best!!
Francois Groenewald
Got my learners. Awesome website, thanks a million.
Thank you so much, it was helpful i passed ;)
I took the learners test on the 03/09/2015. I studied from the "Cheat sheet" I downloaded here first, then went onto the K53 book I bought at a supermarket. Finally I came here the night before and completed the mock test. Corrected my mistakes and found that lots of questions came from here. Really helpful! I recommend this site to anyone wanting to pass their learners. I got 95 % for a tricky test. Now I'm just concerned about the drivers test!
I passed my learners today 2015/09/19 my first time and its thanks to this site.
Hie guys I can not believe what I did today I just wrote my learner's test for the first time and I managed to get the learner's licence
all i can say is thank you so so so so much..
hy and thank you so much for creating this site i has helped me pass my learners and im now heading to my licence test in November ..may god bless
I am struggling to study off the books this is helping me alot i am writing tommorow so nerve wrecking 4time wish me luck
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Absolutely love the site! Incredibly helpful. All the tests and quizzes totally help and now I'm on my way to becoming a fully-fledged DRIVER! Thank you thank you thank you guys :D !!!