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I passed my learners today 2015/09/19 my first time and its thanks to this site.
Hie guys I can not believe what I did today I just wrote my learner's test for the first time and I managed to get the learner's licence
all i can say is thank you so so so so much..
hy and thank you so much for creating this site i has helped me pass my learners and im now heading to my licence test in November ..may god bless
I am struggling to study off the books this is helping me alot i am writing tommorow so nerve wrecking 4time wish me luck
wrote my learners on the 8/9/2015 for the first time and passed with flying colors thanks to this site, will definitely recommend it,thanks guys
Great i passed 2015/09/14 and all i did was do the mock test
OMG!!!! You guys thank you
Pertunia Bopape
This site is amazing. I passed my learners even though i had one day to study. #Excited
many thanks to thise website . i wrote my test today for a first time and i passed without even geting one question wrong. i would like to suggest it for each and every one who have booked for a test. rivese here u won't regrate!
Wow this site is amazing. I passed my learners I got 100%. I recommended my friends too.
God bless yew
Abhishek Maharajh
This website was created by God. I learnt 2 days before my test only on this website; no K53 book, booklet or any hardcopy material, just this site, I went into the waiting room for my test and saw everyone else studying and learning and I just played games on my phone, 2 hours later I had my learners license in my hand. Just read through everything on this site and you'll be 100%. All the best!!
Thank you, I've passed my learners 1st attempt, 99%. the online practice helped a lot
Studied your material and nailed it the first time. Thank you guys!!!!!!
Very helpful site! It definitely helped a lot. After failing twice, I passed on my third try after using this site!
Thanks for the awesome tips\mock tests etc.
I passed my Motorcycle learners yesterday.

PS - please note that it's headlights, and not head lamps...
hi websites really awesome u guys love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi I went for my learners 26.8.2015 and failed by 3 points. this is a very good website and has thought me a lot. I would recommend this site to anyone. Although the computer test is not easy ...thanks Lee-Anne
I am writing my learners tomorrow ..

hoping for the best

this site helped me extremely

i'm hoping to ace my test tomorrow

Thank you so much for this amazing site. I got my learners after going through your website. :)
I passed thanks to this site
Wrote my learners test today unfortunately I failed by one mark but am still thankful to this site its great and I would recommend it any day.
I m sure that I am going to pass my learners exam. this site its so fantastic and reliable. ndi a livhuwa nga maanda
Tumelo David Mmako
I never thought id make it for my learners test however i did. All i had was your website without any other K53 material to study. All thanks to GYL, It was very helpful. In 3 days I was ready for my test.
I wrote my learners today for the third time and today i passed!!! I did a minimum of 100 question a day of this site for a whole week and nailed it today 21/08/15.

Thank you so much guys for creating a understandable site
I am proud to say because of this site I passed my learners yesterday it really helped me a lot the questions asked on this site are almost similar to the ones asked on the test if you use this site I can guarantee you will pass your learners first time
thanks to this site i now have the confidence to go and write my test...will be doing a booking on the 28th August 2015
Hi, just passed my learners. Couldn't do it without you.
Would like to thank this site in helping me pass my learners today. Please Dnt forget that the quickfire questions a lot from there comes out all the best to the rest of you who is writing
Thank you so much for this site! I passed my learners 08/08/2015, first attempt
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thank you i have passed my learners on 26- 09-14 thank again keep up the goodwork.