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Thanks a lot guys.Just wrote and passed mine.All the ground you covered was in the question paper.Overally,i did exceptionally well(got only 5 questions wrong)considering that i had no learning aids until i got your site.11/08/15
Thank u so very much guys for your amazing site...passed my learners 08/08/2015!!!
Thanks so much for this amazing site...passed my learners 08/08/2015 with flying colours!!
I just passes my learners yesterday 06 August, just want to say thank u for this website it really helped me to pass since i didn't have time for class. I recommend it to any wishing to pass a learners.
Passed my learners yesterday. This site was very helpful!! Thanks!
Abdul Ismail
Sweet! signed up with you guys about two weeks ago. didn't buy a k53 book, just did the quickfire sign quiz, went through the rules of the road and also learnt a lot from the mock test.
Thanks guys!
Hi guys

Please wish me luck im writing tomorrow
It helped alot thank you writing my learners the 13th of August 2015 I am super excited
This site is the best i did pass my leaners first attempt 100% pass on 03/07/2015.and i read it only three days.thank you
Bradley Havemann
Writing tomorrow, nervous but excited!
thank u again
thank u for this site it is the best
i am ready for my test
Dear Testimonial
I only started studying at 4am this morning and writing tomorrow. I am super excited and thank you to this website I can do it, will keep you updated.
Chat tomorrow

#prayforme #eish
Loving makes learning so much easier. Thank you. We should makes this an app on the smart phones.
Thank you to whoever created this site. passed my learners first time with flying colours!! :)!!!
Thank you to whoever created this site. I wrote my learners yesterday for the first time and passed with flying colours. I also recommend downloading the K53 app...most of the questions are similar to that. GOOD LUCK!!!!
So excited, I passed this morning. This site was so so helpful, I highly recommend it!!!! Yaaaaay.
Thanks so much for this site! I passed my learner's today and I was totally prepared thanks to all the practice I got from here :D I'd also like to thank not only God but also Jesus for the cheat sheet
I passed this morning thanks to this website
Sangwani Sambo
passed my learners, on the 9th of july 2015...thanks to this site and other practice tests:)
I wrote first time and failed but this time am confident to say on Thursday (23/07/015) I am going to collect my learners licence.
I passed my learners licence today 16/07/2015. This website is great! Thanks to the one who created it....
I wrote and passed my learners today. I already booked my license. Am doing it 30th October 2015. Going for my first driving lesson coming Saturday. Can't wait. So excited.
nompumelelo dube
I just got my learners licence today, first attempt. thanks to this wonderful websites. Couldn't have done it without relying on it
great web
I am writing the test tomorrow and I believe that I will pass with the assistance I got from this site. I wrote the previous time with only the book and there was questions asked that does not appear in the book. I failed with needed one mark. This time I am passing!!!!!!!
Andisiwe Stuurman
This site is very useful, I used the mock questions together with the k53 book to prepare and I got my learners today. Thank you.
Passed my learners first try today 15/07/15! thank you for the mock test and cheat sheet they helped! To those studying,all the best!
kind regards
Hey guys

I just want to thank you for starting this amazing site. I not only passed my learners the first time, but my driving license as well! This coming from someone who's first instinct regarding actually stopping a vehicle, was whistling and telling it "whoa."

Since then, I have recommended this site to a lot of people. And I would do so again in a heartbeat.

Thanks again!
To those still hustling rest assured this site helped me a lot giving me a clear picture and understanding of how the questions are going 2 be asked, either than just framing a sign this site helps you understand its meaning..which is what you really need! All the best!!! *firstlady was here
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Isaac Chauke
Many thanks,this is so helpful.i have just done it.