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Tomorrow i am writting my learners test and i am so confident after practicing so much on this unlimited side. I will give you guys feedback!
Amazing site...passed my Learners on 07/05/2015...thank you guys!
Shannon Smith
Wrote my learners today (13/5/2015) in Stellenbosch and passed with Full Marks in all categories thanks to this really helpful site. Mostly due to the fact that its the one site that is free and doesnt expect hefty payment to help those needed study material. Goodluck to anyone still to write! x
Thanks, I passed my test today. I felt so confident after using your website. (12 May 2015).
I will be writing my first learners test this week this page is helping me thks guyz
Hey man!
I passed mine on 2015-05-05.
Thanks to this site.
Hey man!
This site was so helpful, I passed my learner's on the very 1st attempt, this site is nice, it tastes like chicken man.
Pass date 2015-05-05 at Rossburgh, Durban.
Thanks man
This site need an update, I passed my Learner's Licence today and I didn't have enough points because the questions asked are really different.
Great information and questionaries. I did pass the learners on my first attemp
thanks guys I really appreciate your website it helps me a lot, I`ve passed my instructor's leaners today hooorrrraaayyyyy.
Tnx to this side I just got my learners today,tnx for the help
Thank you so very much. ....I got my learner's this morning.
mantwa maloka
hey guys please wish me luck m writing my learners this cuming friday
mantwa maloka
hey guys please wish me luck m writing my learner's on friday
Jacques Payne
Awesome site! Thanks guys for putting this up. It is really helping me a lot!
Peter Matongo
I passed my test on 30/04/2015 and i would like to thank you guys for the material.I recommend this site to anyone looking to get their leaners.
This site is so helpful I passed my learner's yesterday after two trials, when I found out about this site I pass. Big thanks!
im about to write my learners test and I am so scared coz I feel like I am not prepared yet but seeing your comments has made me more positive that I will pass with flying colours
very very happy i passed my learners licence with distintion thank you guys for wonderful sute
thank you so much i passed my learners licence with distintion on 08/04/2015 through you help on this website may god bless you guys
Kevin Hughes
i was very nervous the day of my test, so nervous in fact i had stomach pains. the pains got so bad that i pooped my pants. but thanks to i managed to finish the test before i went to clean my self off!
selochani naidoo
thanks a million.....I am now confident I will pass my learners test....much appreciation.
selochani naidoo
wow this was most helpful.i now have the confidence to get my learners...many thanks.
I passed my learners test today on my 1st attemt. Thanks guys this site it totally awesome. I was on it daily and with someother study materials also I passed. We all know what's the nextstep. Much respect guys. 21/05/2015
HI guys. I just wrote my learner's today and I passed it. Thanks to this awesome website. GET YOUR LEANERS ROCKS!! THANKS AGAIN
Thank you!!! This site was of GREAT help. Passed 1st time! 20/04/2015
Hi..... so went for my learners today. Sadly I failed with 1 piont... But yeah last time I asked for an Afrikaans version. But did do this online test in english. And it helped ALOT thank you with my tests today. If I hadn't found the "view in english" i would have done EVEN WORSE. People studdie your Test in ENGLISH (if your department has die computer version of the test). But what got me was the signs. Thats where I failed. So I do have a suggestion.
You should put some traffic officer handsignals and those construction flag workers signal on your questions.... I got a lot of those. And I BELIEVE thats what got me. Because I never studied those.

Thank you
Thank you to this site it is simple and easy to and makes for better undrstanding. However i failed my learners test on the 16.04.2015. i dont understand why and how as i was constanly studing and doing the online test everyday. Maybe is was just my bad luck.
This is by far the best way to prepare for your learners. I went through the test about three times 2 days before I wrote and almost got full marks. Really worth trying.
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i want to start of by saying whoever created this site is a genius today i have me leaners license because of this site. To people using this site, practice everyday you wont go wrong.