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This site need an update, I passed my Learner's Licence today and I didn't have enough points because the questions asked are really different.
Great information and questionaries. I did pass the learners on my first attemp
thanks guys I really appreciate your website it helps me a lot, I`ve passed my instructor's leaners today hooorrrraaayyyyy.
Tnx to this side I just got my learners today,tnx for the help
Thank you so very much. ....I got my learner's this morning.
mantwa maloka
hey guys please wish me luck m writing my learners this cuming friday
mantwa maloka
hey guys please wish me luck m writing my learner's on friday
Jacques Payne
Awesome site! Thanks guys for putting this up. It is really helping me a lot!
Peter Matongo
I passed my test on 30/04/2015 and i would like to thank you guys for the material.I recommend this site to anyone looking to get their leaners.
This site is so helpful I passed my learner's yesterday after two trials, when I found out about this site I pass. Big thanks!
im about to write my learners test and I am so scared coz I feel like I am not prepared yet but seeing your comments has made me more positive that I will pass with flying colours
very very happy i passed my learners licence with distintion thank you guys for wonderful sute
thank you so much i passed my learners licence with distintion on 08/04/2015 through you help on this website may god bless you guys
Kevin Hughes
i was very nervous the day of my test, so nervous in fact i had stomach pains. the pains got so bad that i pooped my pants. but thanks to i managed to finish the test before i went to clean my self off!
selochani naidoo
thanks a million.....I am now confident I will pass my learners test....much appreciation.
selochani naidoo
wow this was most helpful.i now have the confidence to get my learners...many thanks.
I passed my learners test today on my 1st attemt. Thanks guys this site it totally awesome. I was on it daily and with someother study materials also I passed. We all know what's the nextstep. Much respect guys. 21/05/2015
HI guys. I just wrote my learner's today and I passed it. Thanks to this awesome website. GET YOUR LEANERS ROCKS!! THANKS AGAIN
Thank you!!! This site was of GREAT help. Passed 1st time! 20/04/2015
Hi..... so went for my learners today. Sadly I failed with 1 piont... But yeah last time I asked for an Afrikaans version. But did do this online test in english. And it helped ALOT thank you with my tests today. If I hadn't found the "view in english" i would have done EVEN WORSE. People studdie your Test in ENGLISH (if your department has die computer version of the test). But what got me was the signs. Thats where I failed. So I do have a suggestion.
You should put some traffic officer handsignals and those construction flag workers signal on your questions.... I got a lot of those. And I BELIEVE thats what got me. Because I never studied those.

Thank you
Thank you to this site it is simple and easy to and makes for better undrstanding. However i failed my learners test on the 16.04.2015. i dont understand why and how as i was constanly studing and doing the online test everyday. Maybe is was just my bad luck.
This is by far the best way to prepare for your learners. I went through the test about three times 2 days before I wrote and almost got full marks. Really worth trying.
Hi. How can i change the language to afrikaans please. Im struggleing whith english.
Thank you very much ,I received my learners on the 14th of APRIL 2015...
Thank you so much getyourlearners 4 the free mock test.i studied two before my test date and I passed my learners licence(14/04/2015).I will spread the word.
This site is very helpful :) I passed my learners test today (14/04/2015) so happy !
Without this sight I wud not have made it... I am beyond happy!!

For anyone that is stessed about their test as long as u do the mock tests on here u have nothing to worry about, its the same!!

Thank you so much!**
Eunice Mokoena
This site is the best, thank you for the help. I passed my learners first time on the 7th of April 2015. Totes recommend it to everyone.
justin kanka
hey peeps on this site my tests look good on here i did 3 of them on here and they just get beter and i am writn tomorow so ja wish me luck thanks for this site i am so ready now
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passed my learners 04/07/2014 with only 2 days to study :) found this site really helpful and easy to learn. would recommend this to everyone *thumbs up*