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Got my learners thanks for all the help! Somerset West represent!
Thank you so much guys :) I wrote on Saturday and Yes I aced the made this step closer in me getting my licence.Thank, Enkosi,Dankie, Ngiyabonga :)
I passed my learners today thanks to the website its awesome.
Joyline Maenzanise
This website was one of main learning tools. I passed my learner's at first attempt.
zak zat wami
hooray !!! i passed my learners izolo. my score was 25/ 28/ 8. all thanks to your material guys . keep up the good work !
These test answers are too easy!!! Not an effective test and I definitely don't recommend using it. It is like every option except the answer is completely irrelevant to the question, really lazy programming. Completely not like the learners test at all.
Writing my test today, in a few hours! Thank you for the information here! (02/02/15)
This site is the best. Passed my learners today. Thank you so much.
Joyline Maenzanise
I'm busy prepping for my learner's on the 4th of Feb (2015). This site is helping me a lot even though I wish it would allow me to do the practice test as many times as I would want.
This website helped me get 100% on my learners today.
Tebogo Comfort Leshotho
Writing this Tuesday (27 Jan), will tell you how everything went, but I fee so ready, failure is not my option now. Thank you for this wonderful website.
Thank you so much this site helped me pass my learners with flying colours and also to understand the signs and rules of the road.
Thanks to this site. Inspite of my busy schedule . I was able to prepare through this site as and when time permited . Now i am 100% Confident. Going for an exam on 27/01/2015.
the results i got from the test i just did from this site actually gives me courage to go and write my test because the results weren't daunting...would recommend this page foreals
Couldn't have scored better than this. Got 58 out of 60 in the first attempt. Thanks a ton!! Now going through for the drivers..
i just got my learners today, i didnt have the k53 book so i just relied on the website and its pretty cool that i passed.
I wrote and passed my learners today (21/01/2015), and only got 1 question wrong!! Whoop Whoop!!
This website is amazing
Got a 100% for the test I did here for the first time, home I repeat that result at my learners test tomorrow(probably will).
Thank you. I finally got my learners today (19/01/15). I used this site and that helped
I wrote my learners test today at half past nine and i passed,thanks to this site it helped me a lot. Its fantastic.
thnx i passed
Hey guys just wanted to say thnx for the this wonderful website i also passed after just doing the online test and quiz.
The tests and revision were a great help!
thank you so much, I passed my learners today,Yeppie!!!
so i found this site accidentally and ever since found it I was using it to the last minute. when i went for my learners i was scared out of my mind. but after doing the test and the invigilator told me i passed (my first try) i was so grateful for this site and i can't thank you guys enough

definitely going to be recommending this site to family and friends

keep up the good work guys
Helen Lenahan
I passed the test on my 2nd attempt today (15/01/2015) thanks to the mock test and cheat sheet available on this site, as well as the K53 Learner's book. The numbers listed on the cheat sheet here are seriously necessary. Good luck to everyone preparing!
Thank you very much Ive got my learners now and I'm very happy.I really like this website it helped me .thanks
hi i recently wrote my learners in pinetown and to my surprise, i have passed but they failed me, so my advice is to plse dont go to pinetown, they fail u.thanks, i have applied at rossburgh so plse pray for me that i get my learners. but this site is tops
Thank you so much! Passed on the first try, you guys are the best in the galaxy. Only got round to studying last night and you guys saved me.
Buyenzeni Ngema
Hey, Thank you so much i am ready for my test because of this site
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thnx thnx thnx very much to this site, just got my learners yesterday