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Thanks a lot guyz, i could't believe it the day i passed my learners, Your site is so great, keep it up!
Amazing website!!! A friend recommended it and so do I!! Apparently similar Qs will be in your test ... Im writing on Monday and im fully confident thanks to getyourlearners!!!

Good luck to everyone else :D
ilze smit
I have been using this site for 2 hours and already I know more than I did from my K53 Book thank you so much!! Im writing in 2 days and positive this tiome i'll pass with flying colours...
Musa Mathebula
I had passed my learners license 11-12-2014 with high marks thanks to this site, it has really help me a lot.
Gian Singh
I would just like to thank for helping me pass my learners today with 93% thanks guys this site is amazing.
Was writting just now... It didn't go so well as I had hoped but hoping the next time I do better
Writing my test tomorrow. Will le you know if I passed. Really nervous!!
Jordan van der merwe
I'll be writing in 3 days.
I have failed my previous exam all by 1 point. But this site gives me hope. I will keep studying!
This site is amazing! I got my licence today 13/12/2014 and only used the material from this site to study. Thank you :)
Thanks to you guys I got my learners today! (2014-12-12) And your tests were really helpful! Thanks again :)
hidron Charles ndlovu
i have been with the site for a long time and i finally passed, i ma now with getyourdrivers and i will have my drivers and a car before the end of the year. inkomu 2014 december BRAND NEW ECOSPORT.
Zain Adam
Yey !! I PASSED :D (11/12/2014) On my First Try :) THANK YOU VERY MUCH * is the way to go ;) Keep it up!
Thank you for helping out !!
Amazing website for information needed to pass your learners. Thanks for the help!
I am writing tomorow and i only studied tonight, did all the Q's ..hope i pass
wow guys this is no joke, i passed my learners on the 1st of december 2014 thanks to (Get Your Learners)!! i would like to recommed this site for everyone who is studying (learners) , i mean this site makes studying fun,easier and convinient!! to the creator of this site and the team behind this site i would like to say thank you guys asome job keep doing a good job thank you god bless!
Shannon Blom
Your site is awesome but I would like to see some different questions come up when you rest to redo the test as you never get the same questions in the learners test .
Phindile Mhlongo
This site is Superb, its got everything i need to kknow for my learners licence. Thank u guys.
I'm writing my learners tomorrow kind off nervous but this site is helping a lot :-) so ill keep you guys posted tomorrow if i pass my learners :-) will defiantly refer everyone i know to this site
Caleb Williams
11/28/14 and i passed it :D
thanks! only advice i have is work on some road signs before going in! there are some trick ones up in there.
Awesome website! Def recommend it for anyone studying to write their learners. Mock questions were helpful. Passed today!
I write my test tomorrow 25/11/2014. Will keep you guys updated. Great website , 5 out 5 stars !
I'm am writing my learners on Wednesday 26/11/2014. wish me luck this site is super cool.
writing my learners tomorrow busy studying right now this site really helps wish my goodluck
Hi guys

Just want to say thank you so much, as I aced my learners the first time around! Great site; I will definitely recommend it :)
Hi guys

Just want to say thank you so much - I aced my learners the first time round! Will definitely recommend this website to anyone :)
Pranitha Ramchander
Thank you for this site. I only had 1day to study for my test and it really helped me. I passed my test 20/11/2014
This website is the most awesome &helpful since sliced my learners with minimal worry because of the tests offered which are pretty accurate......thanks a mill :-)
this was a very helpful site I passed on my 1st try and want to say thanks very much....
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I am writing the test tomorrow and I believe that I will pass with the assistance I got from this site. I wrote the previous time with only the book and there was questions asked that does not appear in the book. I failed with needed one mark. This time I am passing!!!!!!!