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This site is very helpful i wrote my Learners today. I got 89 pass in two weeks revision on this site.
Thank you guys, I got my learners on 18/10/17 all from your website :) will surely spread the word
Makate Lucky
when i found out about this website, the first thing i did was to check on the testimonials, just to see what people have to say you know.... after seen so many people testifying how much this site has helped them get their learners licences, i thought why not give it a shot.

i practiced the tests here, read the notes and etc. this site really helped me gain confidence, and guess what

today: 19/10/17 @ 80:00 i wrote my learners... and 30 minutes i was done and passed... i got total on controls, 26/28 on signs... 28/28 on rules...

thanks to this freaking amazing site.
Wrote my learners this morning (18/10/2017) and Passed it ! First Time ! This site is amazing , I didn't touch the K53 book and did all my studying on here ! I'll definitely recommend it to all my friends xx
Desiree van den Berg
This site helped me alot passed my learner's today 16 October 2017
Xena Ounooi
No better place to learn! Books are too comprehensive and this is spot on! Thanks!happy user
Nokubonga Vusani
Keep it up guys! Still excited about passing my learners.
i wrote my test on 07/10/2017 and passed really well thank you to this site and the people behind it. the mock test was so similar to the real thing some of the questions were the same
Nokubonga Vusani
I passed today(10 October 2017).
Thank you for this site!
Nokubonga Vusani
Thank you in million times.I passed my learners today(04 October 2017).You guys you rock.After I failed for the first time.I decided to google online for help.I bumped on your site.I kept practising for days.Today yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.
I wrote my learners yesterday and passed!!
this site is really very helpful:)
So i passed my learners today (04/04/17) and this site defiantly helped but the signs given by the site are incomplete and insufficient when writing your learners, id defiantly recommend getting the k53 book in this regard.
Just remember you are only allowed 5 mistakes out of 28 signs so don't take a chance and end having to do it again.
SHoudl have come to this site from the beginning. Passed my learners in September 2017 after letting the firt one expire and then fail another one. all without touching the book!!
Kudakwashe Daniel Rodze
Even to this day 20 September 2017, this site is still up to date and helps a lot. Passed my learners today. Thanks for the help
Really helpful 5 stars!!!
Wow thanks a lot for this website... I finally passed after 2 attempts.. Keep doing your great work...14/09/2017
Just finished writing my learners test and I passed. This website was a great help.
mogomotsi mosasi
thanks to this website i wrote and passed my test the first time.
I just passed my Learners, thanks to this site
Passed my learners, felt it was very easy. This site & official K53 learner's manual helped a lot. Mock Test is really helpful!
Mock test was in line with what was asked in the learners test. Passed the test with flying colours. Thanks for the help ??
Thank you so much to the contributors of this website, for making our lives a bit more easier. I passed my Learners on 02/08/17, well all I can do is recommend it. Thank you so much.
this site is amazing
I am confident that I will pass my learners test tomorrow (02/Aug 2017) I've been procrastinating to do it now I'm ready.
I am writing my test tomorrow for the first time. I am confident because I have studied from this site.

I will update you about the results.
Hey hey hey Thanks to this App made me pass my learners when they say you shall pass your learners with this app indeed they are correct you will learn a lot.
This site saved me, was able to learn for my test within a week and I passed with flying colors! Thank you so so much!!!
If it wasn't for this site I would not have passed my learners test today 21/07/2017. it made learning so much easier. 59/64 is what I got for my test. SO, THANK YOU
I am currently preparing for the test which I'm going to write later today. Wow this site is extremely helpful and the testimonials are really so encouraging.
Thank you GetYourLearners.

Passed my learners on 04 July 2017. thanks guys for this site.
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Yipppeee got my learners today....thanks to this website...