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Writing my learners on Tuesday 18/11/2014, wanna know or I will pass. I get a 85% on all the questions sections. Is there anything else that I have to learn? Other / more practise questions I can do?

Please advice, my nerves are shot
To day I can say thank you,I got my learners this morning.
le jay
I want to write but I think its difficult thanks for your tests online its making me know much better and giving me hope of passing
I got my learners! on the 10/11/2014. Thanks you for the wonderful work this site is assisting us future drivers with. Now I can't wait to get my drivers!
Wrote my test 01.11.2014 , the questions on this site is not the same as the test!!! So people that say it is they are not been true!!! The test i did was completely different! maybe you need to update this site!! But never the less great website, just please update it.
I got my learner's licence a week ago. I've been using this site for the past 6 months and it proved to be very helpful.

First attempt and I passed!
All thanks to the Get Your Licence team!
hi gyz. u give me strength to wright learners test. i m busy testing maself on dis side. tell you after my test.
I just kicked this sucker 100%,and i PRAISE this site for that.
Sibongile Jafta
Thank you for this wonderful site.I got my learners this morning.
Writing in 2 hours wish me luck, I am very nervous
Writing my learners again tomorrow 31/10/14 hope I pass this time around, last month I failed with only 2 road signs so hopefully ill pass them tomorrow. Will post Results
I'm about to write my learners test I'm really nervous, am I gonna make it with the aid of this website?
Hello beautiful people, just want to say thank you for the site, I excelled in my test today- my scores are 27,28 and 8...
Thank you for your help. Passed my learners for the 4th time, 25/10.2014. License here I come. Keep up the good work.
Hey guys thank you so much i pass my learners...

Thanks to all of you for these free online questions...Again thank you, GOD bless all you !!
Just passed my leaners,with 28/28/8..i could not believe it..thanx a lot
Thank you so much for all the help! I passed my learners yesterday 23/10/14! 28/30 for Signs,28/30 for Rules & 7/8 for controls! this site is the best!!!
I wrote my learners yesterday (23/10/14) and I passed! 28/30 for Road Signs, 28/30 for Rules & Regulations & 8/8 for controls...Thank you for all the help!
Writing tomorrow for the 1st time so scared because people tells me that i should bribe in order to pass
hey there, I am writing my learners test on Tuesday 21/10/2014 and I was very nervous until I found this site. Thanks for this wonderful site
thandekile pearl
Hi team
Wow tank u so much this is so amazing i am writting on the 21 dis month i did not have a moneny to pay a driving school i was so stressed till i find this site which has been amazingly helpfull now im going to writte my test with confident im proud of you guys i cant wait to share thise with all my facebook freinds and everyone may my glorious god bless u all frm pearl
hi Get your Learners team!!!!

i used your website to test my knowledge befor my test and i passed 100%! please keep it up! thanks! and whats best , its free! nothing comes for free anymore! thank you!
anthony johnson
Hi guys,
Why do you not have points on motorcycles???
There are questions on the test not covered by your tests or revisions.
Just like to thank this website because of it i passed the learners Test ,so happy would highly recommend it to any1.. Thank you:)
hooray 14/10/14 passed my Learners.thanx to this site it was my study on the go even under the blanket my study off to getyourdrivers
Buhle Ngcelwane
I am now doing my learners licence and so far so good... being able to interact with K53 has been a great platform for grasping the immediate. By the way I'm a 16 year old.
this website is good.
when i first wrote my learners i know i got a 100% but the bloody racist ANC marker thought otherwise.....even refuses to show me where i went wrong! but im sure with more practice and spending my tax paying money the monkey will pass me one day.
I passed ma learners today 03-10-2014... I would also like to thank this amazing site it does really help thank u.
The site's name is Get Your Learners, and today (30/09/2014), I got mine. The site is the only resource I used, and time and effort going through the resource as thoroughly as I could, resulted in my getting my learners today. Thank you.
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Thank you very much K53 I revised here last night before my test in the morning and i passed 100%, You rock!!!!!!!