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Passed my Learner Licence FIRST TIME and with a 95% pass. This site really helped me to be confident in every aspect of learning. THANK YOU!
Hi Team,
You are doing a great job!!! I passed my learners test this morning 2014/09/15 :-) :-) :-)
Thanks a lot for the free learners licence test. I got my learners licence on the 11/09/2014.
Nozipho Maphanga
I wrote my learners on Friday 12/09/14 and I passed with flying colours, thank you so much for this wonderful site, it is really helpful hey
i wrote my test on 12/09/14 and i passed. thank you so much to this wonderful site
Melcom Smit
Thank you for your excellent resources, especially the tests.

I passed my Learner's exam today with flying colours. You're highly recommend!
Great website, I just passed my learners for the first time today, by using your website. It took me only few hours to master everything. Great job guys!
writing my test on Saturday (13/09/2014)
discovered this site today & by the looks of it.. there's no way i'm failing it! EXTREMELY HELPFUL.. :)
hey guys, I am doing my learners test this Sunday @ 7:00 am (07-09-2014) and I am feeling very confident that i will pass thanks to this great site! Keep up the great work! will update you after my test!
I wrote my learners license today and I passed wt 98% thank u very much, this website is amazing.
I wrote my learners yesterday and I am very happy to say that I passed!! :D This website is very helpful and makes it quite easy to study too!! Thank you!!
Out of a class of 25 only 3 passed including me, I refereed them all to this website.
yoh guys I am so grateful. I only started studying yesterday and wrote today. I passed. this website really is helpful. thank you
this site is amazeballs!!! if you want to pass you go on this site, its that simple ...
I wrote my learners license test on 27/08/2014 and I would not have been nearly as prepared had I not used this site. I passed with a perfect score. Thx so much...
I wrote my learners today and passed with flying colors, im soo happy and thankfull to this site as it helped me study and practice all in one..thank you guys, i dont think i woudve made it without you
Passed today (28Aug2014), thanx to this website. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

There were some questions not covered in the k53 though.
Anyway, thanx guys.
I prepared my Code 1 Test in 4 days and Passed 22/08/2014 . I wish the website could add Code 1 tests. None the less Awesome
This site helped me further... Passed my Learners today, first attempt. Yay and thanks to this site.
Good day all,
Yep you guessed it!!
I passed at my first try....
Thank you many thanks. this web site rockz......
Today (23/08/2014) I wrote my Learners test and I passed!! Whoop whoop! I am extremely elated and I would like to let every individual who is preparing for the test, know that this website was an immense help. Like everything else in life; a little grit and study time will get you the mark. Good luck!
hey writing my learners today and im abit nervous but i know il definately ace it because this site actually has helped me alot and i'm ready.thanks guys
Great helpful site. Did the test 4 hours before I wrote didnt have to open a book. I passed! Thanx great site
thuli keti
I got my learners license this morning . I am so excited ,running out of words to say. Thank you very much .

your site helped me a lot. you are the best
I really recommend this site!!passed my learners on the 14th of August 2014 was doing code 10,it's a yes from me#dances...thank u sooo much
wow I registered this morning around 7 went through the test, then at11h00 I went for my test and GUESSS WHAT I PASSED WITH FLYING COLOURS thanks to this site, its very informative and simple to use.
I will be writing my learners tomorrow the 20th August 2014 and I'm confident that I will pass. Thank you for this website
Hey guys i just passed my learners, with a total score of 65/65 all because of this site! and it was my first try too! thank uuuu
I have passed my learners. Thank you for this web site.
Holding thumbs for your other guys.
Thank you.

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Amazing website!!! A friend recommended it and so do I!! Apparently similar Qs will be in your test ... Im writing on Monday and im fully confident thanks to getyourlearners!!!

Good luck to everyone else :D