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This site is really helpful. Passed first time.
I wrote my learners on 27 June 2014 and I passed the test thanks to this magnificent website. Now I am going for my drivers licence. Thank You!!
Just passed my learners, really grateful for this website! Will definitely recommend this site above others to anyone doing their learners!
My score 25/25/8 all I did was practice k53 tests and signs on this site no reading of k53 book or anything else also the cheat sheet is a must knw coz there r questions on it otherwise the rest r similar to the actual test you must understand the questions dnt jst b monkey c monkey do
this is very motivational for me. i am 100% sure that i will make it on my test day
hie guys may god bless you for all your effort on this online k53, i passed my test which was wrote last wednesday 18-06-2014. Im very thankfull to you guys
I passed!!thank you for the brilliant site
Thank u so much I passed my learners today 19/06/2014
Thanks guys for your help, i just got my leaners today (19.06.2014). I got 100% ,this site is useful and guaranteed that you will pass your learners.
samkela zweni
m abwt to wright ma learners tomorrw and m really having high hopes as i have practced as mch as pssble on this site and it is very reliable.
I was scared to do my learner's because "it's a test you can't fail". I was scared to fail! I passed first time with 100% (17/06/14) with the use of this site and the k53 book only a few minutes before my test!

Thanks Guys, this is really helpful for learning, awesome job
I wrote mt test yesterday 13/06/14 and I passed on the first attempt. Still can't believe it. I couldn't have done it without getyourlearners! Score 27-25-8
U gotta join and like this site,
I just passed my learners!
Big up to the developers of this educational site
thank you guys I passed my test today thank you million!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your help, the revision and tests really helped. Passed the learners test on 06/10/2014. Thank you.
I passed my leaners. Iv struggled to get the leaners, but after finding out about thid website i passed it on the first attempt. Thanks guy
I'm writing tomorrow the 05/06/14 if I pass I will definitely leave a 10 star review and tell others about this site. #holding thumbs
yeeeaaaah I made it today, 100% in all questions thanks to this site, Peace an GOD BLESS!
yeeeaaaaaaahhhh, 03-06-2014, came back with my learner's license today... thank you to have found this site waaay before today, big ups to you who made this site, peace! God bless.
I must say this site it extremely good in fact excellent, I wrote my learners on the 29-05-2014 and I produced excellent results ,I would say the cheat sheet is a must have it contributed a lot.
thanks guys
mokoena tshepiso
Brecht Langenhoven
Thank you
Wrote my learners yesterday , got it no problem , thanks to this site i was confident and had no difficulty with any questions !
Bruce Bapela
I passed my learners with flying colours. thanks to this site!! it's awesome
super helpful website!! studied with these questions the night before and passed ! thank you to whoever set this up : )
thanx to this site, i wrote my learner first time and passed on the 28 may 2014. i will definately check out
the first time i failed it but im gna go do it over agan and im gna mke sure i pass it thnks and god bless
Hi Guys
I was a bit sceptical at first thinking the material wont be in line with the computerized tests done lately. But thanks to this site I aced it the very first time. I'm now singin a different tune and recommending to everyone who is yet to take their learners test. Thanks a stax!!!
Thank you guys I've just passed my learners licence with a 100% on the 26/05/2014, I truly recommend this site.
I always leave things last minute. Only studied the night before and only used this site. And i passed, thanks a lot! And a tip for everyone learning -- LEARN THE CHEAT SHEET! Will definitely be in the test!
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Pranitha Ramchander
Thank you for this site. I only had 1day to study for my test and it really helped me. I passed my test 20/11/2014