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Yolanda Blom
Doing my Learners tomorrow hoping and praying to get it but i'm sure I will.

Thanks to this site for the help!!!

Yolanda Blom
I am very stressed going to write my learners first time but the testimonial gives me the courage that me too I will pass it first time
M wrightin ma test on d 21st of May 2014, m passin d mock alrdy... Surly m goin 2 ps ma lrnrs, js ltin u kh. Bt il infrm u thgh, js aprciatin d site.
Kwaiii!! Got my learners yesterday, studied for less than a week using this website only and i suspect i got all my answers right! Thank You!
Nelisiwe Pertunia Kabini
At first I failed my learners on the 15th April 2014 using only K53 to study.,thanks to google that helped me reach this site.25 april 2014 I passed my learners,Thanks very much keep up the good work.
Thanx so much guys. I wrote my test with confidence two days ago and of course i passed. Thanx to this site!
Ane Greyvenstein
Today I've passed my learners with only one wrong answer! The K53 Learner's Test helped me a lot, although I read trough the Cheat Sheet and my K53 book as well. You should start charging for this amazing site: all my friends are going to join now.
Passed my learners today! Thanks for this site, it really helped prepare me for the learners test.
Roxanne Louw
I went through the practice tests and passed my learners first time round! Thanks guys! you are awesome!
Thank you, I passed my code 1 motorbike learners - I suggest you add a few motorbike related questions, specifically related to the operation thereof, like you have with the motor vehicle photos!
i passed my learners on monday.
thanks to this wonderful site.
Im writting my learners test on the 2nd of may. Thanks to this webside...i could happily say that im ready to write & pass my learners....
Tawanda Diza
I passed my learners exam yesterday (9 April 14) morning because of this website. its so helpful, keep it up guys

love you all
Thank you so much, I can study anywhere I'm definately gonna pass
I wrote my learner's test this morning - April 8th - and passed with the greatest of ease thanks to this helpful site. Definitely a study method worth using.
Gerhard Niemand
I passed my learners today and got full marks for it as well all thanks to getyourlearners,co,za
...Thank you!!!
Hey K53, I am 4rm Namibia- and by next week will be writting my learner's test- I believe that I will pass after going thru your K53's on-line test.
mbali zulu
I wrote my learners on the 31st and I passed!!!!I couldn't have done it without this wonderful user friendly site mcwa!!!!
I did my learners exam this morning and I'm so happy I passed. This site really helped me gain confidence and be ready for the test.
Thank you!
Thank you very much for the Mock Tests! I got my motorcycle learners on the first try. :-D 31/03/2014
i will be writting my my test soon and the site has been really helpfull. thank you
This site is quiet amazing, I failed the first time. So i used this site instead of the book, and i wrote today again and passed (btw, I only studied for a few hours before the test.)
Definitely recommend it!!!
its the best, USE IT
Good luck
wow wow wow, i wrote my code 10 learnes test in just less than 10 minutes and yes i got total. No wrong, thanx to this site helped me a lot. 26-03-2014 @ Middelburg Mpumalanga

I wrote my learners test on 25/03 and passed. All thanks to this website :)
This site gave me efficient and quick way of learning for my test, got 92% :D
Mila Serfontein
I failed m learners two times. shameful i know, i subscribed to this website last night and i passed today. Thank you so much! Highly recommend this website.
Hi thanx a lot for this wonderful,helpful site i wrote my learners 2day the 19 of March 2014 & i passed it on 1st attempt. Thank you a lot keep up the good work
got my learner's license last week thursday, thank you
I passed my learners today.
Thabani Nzame
I just did it and i passes first time thanks to this site it has changed my life
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I must say this site it extremely good in fact excellent, I wrote my learners on the 29-05-2014 and I produced excellent results ,I would say the cheat sheet is a must have it contributed a lot.
thanks guys
mokoena tshepiso