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I will write my learners today hoping for the best.
Debra Chari
Well, well,well what can I say !!
Thank you guys for a job well done ,just passed my learners with my first sitting this morning 12/03/2014. Kudos !!
Passed Learners yesterday 11/03/14 awesum site, helped
me a lot . Thank You
I would like to thank this amazing website, I passed my LL with a 100% in my first attempt today (11/03/2014).I highly recommend it!!!
I'm so happy to say that I passed my learners today (10/03/14). Just want to thank you guys, this site was very helpful.
Naseeha Momla
Passed my learners yesterday (7 March 2014) this site was very helpful. thank you
I am so proud to say,,,,, passed!!!!! Now I have to book and practise and perfect my parking!!!! Thank you so much!!!
Passed my motorbike learner's no problem! Did all the questions on the website, helped me a lot! Thank you for putting up such a useful site!
Yay!! I Passed my Learners 1st time!! Thanx to you guys you been sooo great I'm definetly telling people about it! I'm gonna make a flyer with the website address on it and paste it at the Traffic Department!
I've done several tests already and I have failed,, I'm doing my fouth tattempt tomorrow,, I'm excited I've studied and gone over k53.
I'd love 2 say thank u 4 this magnificent site. I wrote my learners 2day n I Passed. Keep up thee good work.
Hey guys I'm proud to say tht tday (04-02-2014) I passed my learners tnx to ths site.
Jst got my learner's license thanks to this website
Thks gyl..
Best Website Ever!
Had all the books and question papers but nothing was going through. Came across this website the day before my test, guess who has a learner's license now!!???

Thank You so Much!!!
Joshua Brouard
I've been using this site for the past few days, and I must say, it has been incredibly helpful. I really appreciate the effort put into this site and I will keep you updated for my test tomorrow. :D
Excellent Site couldn't believe it at first when i read pple testifying.. until i got mine, last week.. Just came back to say thank u, to the development team.. i Wish future users all the best
Update:just passed my learners. @xavier junction whoop whoop thanks to this wonderful site it's truly a blessing
Thanks a million million to the team behind getyourlearners
I wrote my test this morning at 8am and was very confident going in thanks to your mock tests- lol almost felt "easy" hehe
im writing my learners tomorrow feeling really confident this website has helped me :)
thanks to this site i've passed my learners today..
Passed!! Thanks a lot best website.. Now my drivers.
Naveen Jose
wrote my learners test today..thanks to the help from this site and the K53 book..i got 100%!!!!
Thanks to your awesome website and mock test. I passed my learners yesterday (24 Feb). Yippeeee!!!!!!!
Thanks to this site and mock test I passed my learners 21 Feb 2014 ,100%!!!most of questions was in the real test. Good luck to everyone studying.
Eish guys I could never thank you enough for helping me pass my learners at no cost.. :)I passed it 2day @ 1..mncwaa
So glad i had ur website it helped me pass my learners
simphiwe sithole
I don't knw wat to say bcoz I've never wrote my learners before but I'm very confident, thanks to dis site for the useful information. I'm ready I'm ready bring it on....I'm writing on Thursday 20 Feb 2014 so plc wish me lucky.
Mthobi Hlabangana
OMG This website is amazing. I wrote my learners today (17 Feb 2014) and passed it with my first try. I recommend it!!!!1
i wanted to let you know i passed my learners this morning. thank you so much, the online test helped me.
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Carin Crafford
Study, be prepared, focus, this site is amazing passed my learners, the test was easy as I was prepared. Study the cheat sheet. Good luck