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Wrote my learners this morning and passed all thanks to you guys. Outstanding work on your behalf
I passed my learners the first time I took it on January 16 2014 :) !!! This site helped me a lot!!!
I wrote my test on the 9th jan. Only 13 out of 40 people passed the test and I was one of them!!! Thanx a million for your very practical site!
Mh! This is so wonderful, just busy with my revision, I'm confident will pass my learners. Thanx for this site.
I am writing my learners on the 24th Jan2014. Been using your website for the past 3 days and it has been so useful. I really hope I pass!!! Hold thumbs for me!
Wow this site helped me so much in getting me to pass my learners test (which i wrote today).

The site is perfectly laid out for easy navigation and the content available on this site is more than enough to help you to pass.

Thank You.
going for my learners in 2 days but I'm feeling confident that i will pass thanks to the help of this site :)

Khanyo B
30 January is the day! surely will pass my learners. I have learnt a lot in this site. will let u know my results! thanks!
Pamela Ngwenya
Hey guys waiting to collect my learners licence.Thanks to this site!
Just passed my test using your site thank you
Hi Guys
Just got back from writing my learners license test and i passed with flying colours!!!!Just want to say thank you for this wonderful site as it helped me so much.
Keep up the good Work :)
Will be writing my learners tomorrow. Feeling much more confident after using the resources provided on this site. Thank you!
Takunda Mukeredzi
Thank you, did the test last nyt, and wrote the test this morning and passed, just got three wrong. have already recommended to others.
will be writing my learners on the 30th January hope i pass, m sure i will
Wrote my learner's on 6 Jan 2014 and passed. Thank you guys !!!!!
hey guys.
this site really helps a lot. wrote my learners on the 17/12/13 and PASSED :) Thanks a Million guys. you rock
This website is amazing :) I hope to pass my test tomorrow morning at 8am sharp :) I will defs pass this on to friends and family :)
Ola!! I literally used this website a day before and I passed my learners... the first time around! Thank you!
Gregory Vera
Thanks so much for this site.

God Bless You
Nicole Martin
Hi, I PASSSED! @ xAVIER jUNCTION IN oRMONDE ON THE 20TH Dec 2013 Thanks soooooo much!
Thanks.This site it really helpful going for my learners next year Jan
So I wrote my learners For the First time on Thursday Passed Because of this Site studied 2 days before . Thanks For everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Barfoot
Passed both bike and car test today - all with the help of your website and tests. Thanks alot :)
I wrote my learner's today after doing it twice before. This site really helped me with the gaps in my knowledge and helped me pass! I will recommend it to anyone who struggles. and the mock tests were the best! Very thorough!! Thumbs up to you guys!
Schae Niekerk
i will be writing my learners tomorrow and after only a week of studying for it on this site im confident that i shall pass. awesome site
Luyolo Radebe
I PASSED MY LEARNERS! I started studying two days before I wrote and this website was my SAVING GRACE. I literally came back just so I could write a testimonial because I really do recommend it. It's easy, fast and to the point. Thanks so much, I'm extremely ecstatic and grateful for whoever put this thing together.
Tanx alot.passed my learners...will tel frndz about your site.salute
I passed my learner's today (13th December 2013) Friday the 13th has become a lucky day for me!! Thank you Get Your learner's
Johan Nortje
Did my test today, passed it first time. Confession, I did read through the book twice, tested myself here a few times and finished my test in 20 minutes... Thanks
Got my learners today. Much thanx to this website for 'gearing' me up for the test.
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I wrote and passed my learners today. I already booked my license. Am doing it 30th October 2015. Going for my first driving lesson coming Saturday. Can't wait. So excited.