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Thanks to this site i received my learners. The questions and revision sections are great. I scored 60/64!!!!
Jimmy Khosa
Just passed mine(code 3) now at Sandton testing station, I didn't study​ anything as I already knew most of the stuff(I grew up with people owning driving schools and I had a learners license in 2014 which expired because I had to deal with varsity) but this site really helped alot
Almost all the questions I got are from the test in this side, don't forget to refresh with the cheat sheet
Wrote my learners today, totally passed: doing that test over and over again really reinforced what I knew, thank you. Keep up the good work guys
duduzile Ndlovu
thanks a lot I passed my learners on 30 June 2017 #BIGUP
Thank you so much

My friend and I passed our test, this was really helpful and I would definitely recommend it
John Kelly
Thank you very much "Get Your Learner's"!! Got my learner's yesterday, and started studying the day before on your website. Passed it full marks! Will definitely recommend it to anyone.
Thank you so much for this! This site really helped me to pass, although i recommend that you study from other sources as well as there were a lot of questions in the exam that were not mentioned here. I did pass however and am very excited!
you guys are awesome, wrote my learners yesterday and passed 100% (09/06/2017). you the best.
I Thank this site for helping me when with all the information needed for my learner licence. i wrote today my learners and i passed. Thank you so much!!!
Kayleigh Vida
22/02/2017 Thank you so much to get your learners , today was my second attempt at getting my learners licence and I passed with flying colours thanks to this helpful site and my K53 material that I revised. I will recommend this site to all my friends. I studied on this site for two days and I passed so beautifully. Thank you!!!
Just passed my learners, first time today!! This site really helped a lot, doing the Road Sign Quiz and Learner's Test prepares you really well for the real thing, thank you guys!
Thank you guys for this website. I wrote on 17/02/2017 and out of 20+ only 3 of us passed. I did recommend Getyourlearners to one of the guys who failed and wish them good luck.
passed my learners today 18/02/2017 yipeeee! thanks to this site, same questions as yours! thank you so much guys
Thank you guys for this app, I passed my learners licence and only used information provided on the app. It only took me 2 weeks (Go book and studied on my own time using my phone then write) and only departed with R218 -00 instead of R618-00 if I used driving school. Thank you again.
I simply did the test 3 times and passed easily. Thank you for this groovy site!
Just got my learners a couple of hours ago. This site is the B.O.M.B! Thank you!
Zeta Truter
hi guys just want to say thank you so much to this site i have passed my licence and i only used this site thanks again i will definitely recommend it to all my other friends who are learning for their learners :)
currently on this site its amazing i hope i get 100%
Thanks to and the revision of a K53 book, I PASSED my learners license today 2017-02-07!! Thanks for the help and for letting people familiarize themselves with an online test - as they do now in most test centers.. This site is great!
P.S My only suggestion would be, to perhaps add more than 134 questions, or choose more questions to add in randomized form .
M very grateful to this site.It's been very helpful to me.I passed my learners on my 1st attempt. (06/02/17)
i'm really grateful to this's been very helpful to me.I passed my learners on 1st attempt yesterday (06/02/17).Big up!
This site is awesome, i passed my learners on 02/02/17. it was really helpfull will suggest it to my friends and family
I passed my learners using this site and the k53 guide , make sure you know ALL the roadsigns , all of the rules are here , but not all the roadsigns make sure you have a guide with all the signs .

I passed my learners today thank you so much . this site really works . now going for my driving lesson
just passed today 100% 17/1/2017 thank you guys you are amazing
Thanks soo much this site help me alot,I wrote my test on Friday 27-01-17 I come out the best after I use this site only for 1day that was Thursday and the following day i wrote my test..This site is the best ,thank uuuuuu
I'm officially a learner driver after using only. Thanks for an invaluable and free website.
Shannon Le Roux
Got my learners, I usually suck at the road sign section but I passed today thanks to the quickfire road sign quiz
I just got my learners thanks your website rely helps.

Keep up the good work.
Awesome site, thanks a million guys got my learners one shot :) :)
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wow I registered this morning around 7 went through the test, then at11h00 I went for my test and GUESSS WHAT I PASSED WITH FLYING COLOURS thanks to this site, its very informative and simple to use.