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I simply did the test 3 times and passed easily. Thank you for this groovy site!
Just got my learners a couple of hours ago. This site is the B.O.M.B! Thank you!
Zeta Truter
hi guys just want to say thank you so much to this site i have passed my licence and i only used this site thanks again i will definitely recommend it to all my other friends who are learning for their learners :)
currently on this site its amazing i hope i get 100%
Thanks to and the revision of a K53 book, I PASSED my learners license today 2017-02-07!! Thanks for the help and for letting people familiarize themselves with an online test - as they do now in most test centers.. This site is great!
P.S My only suggestion would be, to perhaps add more than 134 questions, or choose more questions to add in randomized form .
M very grateful to this site.It's been very helpful to me.I passed my learners on my 1st attempt. (06/02/17)
i'm really grateful to this's been very helpful to me.I passed my learners on 1st attempt yesterday (06/02/17).Big up!
This site is awesome, i passed my learners on 02/02/17. it was really helpfull will suggest it to my friends and family
I passed my learners using this site and the k53 guide , make sure you know ALL the roadsigns , all of the rules are here , but not all the roadsigns make sure you have a guide with all the signs .

I passed my learners today thank you so much . this site really works . now going for my driving lesson
just passed today 100% 17/1/2017 thank you guys you are amazing
Thanks soo much this site help me alot,I wrote my test on Friday 27-01-17 I come out the best after I use this site only for 1day that was Thursday and the following day i wrote my test..This site is the best ,thank uuuuuu
I'm officially a learner driver after using only. Thanks for an invaluable and free website.
Shannon Le Roux
Got my learners, I usually suck at the road sign section but I passed today thanks to the quickfire road sign quiz
I just got my learners thanks your website rely helps.

Keep up the good work.
Awesome site, thanks a million guys got my learners one shot :) :)
Ngi Montle
Just passed my Code 1 learner's now now. Thanks to this wonderful website and the material provided. I highly recommend this site for anyone looking to pass their learner's test. Date of test passed: 24/01/2017

it made my life so easy wow thank you very much
I would like thank you guys for creating this amazing easy way to learn learners licence online.I've passed my learners for the first time writing, I encourage all of you to try this site
Thank you Thank you. Passed my learners today- on started studying two days before.
Tots a Legit site! Thank you so very much!!XD
Thank you kindly for your user friendly page, so much easier than the book...I passed my learners this morning with flying colours, whoopeee...!!!
I passed my learners on the first try with just two days of preparation.
thank you for a great site.passed my learners today (11.01.2017) with full marks. i will be recommending this site. Next stop Get Your Drivers
phonix wright
OBJECTION!!!...This Site Is The Best For Learners
Wooooooooow i am out of words to thank this site was very helpfull didn't even use the book to study i got it all here and passed 1st time.

Thank you so much may u grow into a more better site to help others God bless
This site has really helped me a lot, I wrote my learners (first attempt) on 29/12/2016 and passed 28/28, 28/28 & 8/8 (100%). Don't regret stumbling upon this site and will highly recommend it to those preparing for their leaners test.
i just got my learners thanks a lot to the genius who created this website it's really really helpful and it give hope thanks a lot
Passed first time thanks to this site!!!
This site is the best.
I got so used to answering the questions as much as i could.
The exam room felt exactly like one of this, i was not panicking at all.
Some questions are even the same in this mock exam as the final exam.

Thanks a lot for this free service it is exceptional.
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This is honestly the best site available to study for your learners. This site is incredible!! :)