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Hi guys i passed my learners with a 100% thanks to the online test .It is so nice to have somthing so good and thats free amasing.....
Hi guys I just wanna thank you for this wonderful site. You did help me on learners I got the total on my learners yesterday morning. Big up to Get your learners big up!!
I passed my learners test yesterday, thanks to this fantastic website i breezed through the test.
I got my learners last Friday, Thank you very much, your site is really helpful, You are the best!!
Kagiso Ramabokwa
This site is wow. . . I passed my learner's licence on 01 November 2013, and it ws my 1st tym writing. . . SALUTE 2 U GUYS
Got my learners License yesterday. you guys are super awesome:)
Guys I'm very thankful to you, I've just passed my learners test today. All thanks to you.
U rock!!!!!
Thank you very much for the assistance, I wrote my test on Monday & I passed. The questions were quite similar to the one's on your site. BigTthanx :)
Did your test yesterday, passed my learners today. Thanks so much. Good luck to everyone else. Will be telling my friends about this site! X
I wrote as if I had a memorandum with me this was helpful indeed dis site is awesome thanks!!!!
i passed my test without any hastles, thanx to this site
Great site, very helpful and informative!
Thank you so much, I went to write mt test with confidence and I aced it!! i will recommend your site to friends
Wow Big up ! U hear me. I wanna thank u guys fo everythng u hv provided here. We need people lyk u. THANKS AGAIN.
After only taking the online mock tests for 8 hours without taking to the books or going through the study material, I passed my learners yesterday. This site rocks. Thank you.
Thank you for your super helpful site! A really fun and easy way to revise and get your confidence up! I passed my learners a few weeks ago and will definitely recommend this site!
Passed my learners test the first time!!! thanks to my extra classes that I had attended aaand this website!! Yeay!
I got my learners today! Thanks alot, this site is so helpfull
ignatius molefe
Just came back from writting my learners and I passed,thank you so much
Thanks a lot. I Passed my learners yesterday.
Thanks a lot, this site helped me a lot I passed today...
No books, no photocopies, no past papers, no inside jobs and no red tape.

I passed my learners first time around using this website, doing the test once a day till I wrote.
Hey! Just passed my learners test and I'm so relieved! Thanks to this site, it helped a lot!
hi there been taking the tests on the website it helps me alot i seem to be getting 100% for all the questions also studying from my k53 book aswell writting on tuesday 26th feb wish me luck...thanks for the website will definately recommend to everyone else. p.s. I've Passed My learners today!
Hello! Got full marks for my learners thanks to your site! Will most def recommend this site to others! Thanks A LOT!! :D
Just passed my learners and want to say thank you to "getyourlearners" without you I would have been nowhere! you guys are the ish :-)
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much to My old learners had expired and I was so nervous at the thought of writing again and possibly failing. But with the help of your awesome site, I passed with no problem. Thank you :)
I wrote my test on Friday and passed with 92%! Your website and Facebook page was actually very helpful, and much easier to use than the books. Thanks man.
David W
Going for my Learners now! feel really confident since i started using your website! fingers crossed!! Thanks A lot! Update: WOW! thank you guys so much! I PASSED!! :) and all those questions on your website helped so much!! Thanks A Lot! :)
i would like to thank your website for assisting me with my learners. I am happy to say that I passed and got my learners on Thursday. it was my first attempt and I passed. thank you very much.
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moeketsi John
Hi Thanks to this K53 online study I got my Learners Licence today. I'm now Ready to drive Legally on the roads :)