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Hi guys, your site really helped. i passed my learners test with ease. keep it up!
Wow thanx guys iv passed d learners test
This is a very good site and really helps if you want to prepare for your learners test , thanks a lot
You guys rock... I passed my learners after two atempts. Thank you
Thnx 4 ur help guys, i've passd m learner's test 2day!
Just wanted to the thank you guys from the bottom of my my Learners first time around, and I can honestly say it was because of this site. Thank you once again
I actually Just passed my learners, your website was a huge huge huge huge huge huge......... HELP. Thanks a LOT
This is a little late, but I passed! Thanks so much, I was feeling so stressed the night before, until I did your tests - they gave me confidence. I got 89% of the questions right, and I can now ride my scooter. Aiming for 100% when I write to get my license for my first car Thanks again, your site helped so much.
Thanks so much I've passed my learners today your site really is awesome I'm spreading the word to all my unlicensed friends,thanks guys.Your site rock.
hello team K53,Thanks a lot for the marvelous online quiz, i sat for my theory test yesterday and I made it thanks God and you guys. keep it up
Love this site! It was the only one I could find that was actually helpful!
im writing my test 2moro, wish me luck. i knw I wil make it bcoz of d help I gt 4rm dis site
Thank u for ur online service. Much appreciated.
I would really like to give you a big up for assiting me with my learners. I studied two nights before my test whie at work and I aced that test, thank you very much for this site, i sure will let people know! yoll ROCK!!!!
Moses Otieno
I passed my learner's test today with flying colours. Thanks to this fantastic webite, I was able to carry out my revision and take the mock tests. Surprisingly, many of the questions in the actual test are similar to what is on this site. One more tip to everyone: make sure you know what's on the cheat sheet by heart as most of the questions are in the learner's test. I will definitely be recommending this site to my friends and family.
I passed my learners Test.You make it easier for us.Keep it up,Thank u so much
Nelisiwe N
thank you guys for this website started practicing here a few days ago and am proud to say today 20/08/2013 I got my learners for the first time
Hi guys, i just want to say your website is better than all the study material i had, it was so simple to study and i wrote my learners today and i passed!!!!! Thank you for the wonderful website god bless you guys!!!!!
Hi thengs for u help i jast pasd my learnes test thengs to u
Well, believe or not I passed my lrnrs !!!!!!! Thanx 2 get ur lrnrs tests......hmmmmmm I'm loving it!!! Thanx u guys!!!
So excited! Just passed ma Learner's Licence, thank you guys for a wonderful site
Absolutely love the site! Incredibly helpful. All the tests and quizzes totally help and now I'm on my way to becoming a fully-fledged DRIVER! Thank you thank you thank you guys :D !!!
Thank you getyourlearners, I wrote my learners yesterday morning for the first time and I passed :). This website helped me greatly. I sure am telling all my friends about this super cool website!
Just wanted to say your site helped. I passed my learners yesterday.
Pass my Learners, thanks to this site, couldn't have done it without you guys many thanks!!!!!!!!
Wrote my learners test the first time today and I passed!!! Thanks for ur site:-D
Thank you guys for helping me with this web,i was writting my learner's on 25 april and i passed.Thank you alot
Hey there!

I would like to thank ""; for the great website and for helping everybody who needs tests or information to make writing a learners easy as pie!

I used the "Quickfire Road Sign Quiz" and the "K53 Learner's Test" (which are both free on the website) as extra study material, and today I passed my learners on my first attempt!!

I think it's a great website and I recommend that everybody pays it a visit before their learners test!
Guys Thank You so much. You K53 mock test helped me so much! I wrote my learners this morning and passed. So grateful for your website. Keep helping others. Lots of love
Thank you so much for your website. I've passed my learners today
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Tumelo David Mmako
I never thought id make it for my learners test however i did. All i had was your website without any other K53 material to study. All thanks to GYL, It was very helpful. In 3 days I was ready for my test.