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Hello thanks you help me alot now i have learners and pls keep helping peaple thank very much.
Only studied on your site last night and wrote the test today,,, and I only got 4 questions wrong. Thanx
Diswebsite really helped m pass ma learners license test for d 1st tym
Silindile Z
thanx GetYourLearners i passed my learners i really appreciates your site.
User friendly website!
It is a great website and achieved a 100% mark on my test just by going through Test on ""
Hi guys,

just wanted to thank you for a very useful site. I had very little time to prepare, spent two hours on your site and passed my learner's with flying colours. +1 for the cheat sheet - nice one.

Keep up the good work!

Dear GetYourLearners! I passed my learners today:D first time with only 2 wrong in the whole test:D. Thnk u for all yr support. I realy valued yr group:) Keep encouraging new learners! God bless you.
Thank's a lot 4 the online questions & it helped me pass my LL
Thnx 4 ur help guys, i've passd m learner's test 2day!
hy thnks u guys i passed my learnes your questions really helped n best of all ts absolutely free whoop whoop
Passed my learners today and it was all thanks to this site!!!!!
2morro ii rite mii test!!!! wish mii luck yoLLz! dis site reallii hElped mii study :):) ~*LiLy*
Caitlyn Shapiro
Hey getyourlearners! Thank you SO MUCH for the free mock test!! I'm at Uni and really dont have time to deal with more books (I have alot lol!), so the online test is ideal!
I passed! The questions were pretty similar to the ones on here so that helped a lot. Thanks guys!
this will b my second time taking my learners and i feel much more prepared ths time. just wanna thank u guys fow makin this site, having free questions was really great, so many othr sites make u pay #givin thanks
johannes dohm
I think I know my road signs better than the traffic cops now lol. Thr Quickfire road sign test is awesome!
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This site is just awesome, helped me till the very end to pass my learners license. Probably did the tests a dozen times and it made me really confident to go into the test room and ACE the test!