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Had to come back to make a comment as well. I also passed mine this morning & it's all because of this website. Whoever created this website thank you, we appreciate it
Got my learners today! this site is very helpful!
you guys rock, thank you so much. I had a day to prepare and the following day i wrote and passed just like dat. no confusion or too much thinking, questions were as easy as 1,2,3.. not exaggeration it is true.. thanks a million
I passed first attempt, I had been studying for a while but I just couldn't bring myself to book the test and after I went on this site I found the confidence to book for it and I passed 23/28 Rules, 28/28 Road signs and 7/8 Controls...this site really helps, big time.
Score 95% in my learners test. Thanks to this site.
I failed my learner's test 3 times previously and today was my 4th attempt. I stayed up all night busy on your site and this morning(21/11/2016) VOILA - I finally managed to pass! I only wish that I had discovered this site sooner. Thank you for this wonderful,wonderful tool and resource. Keep up the good work and kudos to your team!
tandzile ndwandwa
Am writing tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock. i have practiced almost a year for this, now is the time to show for it.Feeling happy cos am going to pass and bring my learners home. The LORD will be with me.....
I must say, for someone my age who made an appointment to write my learners, got sick not opening a book and on the morning of 18 October 2016 went on this site browse through questions and answers an hour before the test...heaven knows what happened I passed with flying colours. 23/28 Rules, 26/28 Signs and 8/8 for controls...thank you thank you thank you.
I passed first time
Tazneem Davids
This is so cool.

Im even more prepared to go do my learners now.
Deidre Abrahams
i wrote the test today and passed. This is really a very helpful tool for those who need to write their learners test. Best of all is that its free. Would recommend it to anyone.
I'm writing in a few hours,

wish me luck guys
palesa moloi
thank you so much i only had one day to prepare but i passed with flying colours. 27-25-8!!!
palesa moloi
i passed my learners today..only had a day to prepare...THANK YOU SO MUCH,U ROCK
This is a perfect site to learn for your learners test. I passed my learners 21/10/2016. Thank you
Good day

Thank you so much.I went to write my Learners today and I did exceptionally well.Your website was really helpful. Thank you so much!
Thank you very big, I just got my learner's yesterday this program have really helped me. My first try than I pass.
Thanks to this site, I passed my computer learners test today.
Yipppeee got my learners today....thanks to this website...
This website is simply the best. First attempt and i got my learners yesterday. Thank you very much. keep up the good job.
I practiced on the tool, got 100% after studying and still failed the test. Disappointed
Hi All,

i recommend that evryone uses this website for practises. It helps a lot. I passed my learners with flying colors with this website...
Faldielah Harris
good morning

would like you thank you for this application you got going. will advise everyone that going for learners test to take this as it helped me a lot and i passed without difficulty..
must say the same questions you get here you will get in test...
so thank you very much and well done
Isaac Chauke
Many thanks,this is so helpful.i have just done it.
i just passed my learners so thank you a lot your site is really helpful and I will definitely recommend it to my friends!!!!!!
Rose Retief
I used the K53 book and revised using your tests. Thanks to your site, I passed my learners at my first attempt yesterday. I highly recommend your site!
Thank you so much!

I wrote my learner's test today (08/09/2016) and I passed on the first try. It was an absolute breeze after using this site!

I didn't use a K53 book at all, just this website.

Word of advice if you have very little time to study: take a look at their tips on learning the shapes and colours of signs (so you get the basic idea of how signs work), have a quick read through the "cheat sheet" and then get straight to working on the mock test. That is the most help!

Try to go through all of the Qs on the mock test at least once. Since the questions on the real test are almost exactly the same, if you can get 100% here, you will definitely pass your test.
I passed my learners last week....this site is an eye opener...big up
Thanks to this site I passed my learners with flying colors❤️
hi, Guys
thank you very much. Just got my learners licence.
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this was a very helpful site I passed on my 1st try and want to say thanks very much....