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Evashnee Naick
Thank you for this site and the mock tests. It really helped me with getting my learners on Friday. Awesome site.
i only discovered this site after my first failed attempt, then i discovered it after my second failed attempt by one point and revised here like crazy after that. My third attempt i passed thanks to this site! For anyone doubting this site, ill tell you it works. but learn the whole k53 book and take as many mock tests as possible and you will pass! my marks were 25/23/8 i passed on 29/08/2016. Good luck to everyone writing!
I never studied the k53 book and was not prepared for the test,I passed today thanks to this site,All i did ws do the mock exam and swat the cheat sheet 3 score27/28/8,if only more people knew about this site.I promise you do the mock exam and you will pass cause the questions they ask is all here.
I never studied the k53 book and was not prepared for the test,I passed today thanks to this site,All i did ws do the mock exam and swat the cheat sheet 3 score27/28/8,if only more people knew about this site,thank you.
Angelique Gumbi
I love this site thank you guys
I just passed the computerized learner`s test (24.08.2016). This website helped a lot.
Thank you.
great information-passed my learners test.Thank you
I want to thank God, for He kept me calm throughout my test.

I passed on the 02 August 2016, with the following results 23 Rules of Road, 23 Signs and 06 Controls.

Thank you Get your learners for your recommendation of study my K53 book and your mock test. All I had to do was study and write in my native language.
I passed my learners today!!!!
yaaaaaay, I'm over the moon excited. Thank you so much to GETYOURLEARNERS, I wouldn't have done it without y'all!!!!!
I wrote my learners today.....AND........I passed!!!!!!
thank you so much to GetYourLearners. I wouldnt have done it without y'all!!!!
Refilwe Annastacia Aphane
First attempt and I passed with flying colours !
Thanks for this great site! You guys are the bomb !!
Mister Black
A big thanks to the developers/owners of this site, it proved to be very helpful.
I highly recommend this site to anyone studying for their learners.
First time attempt and by the grace of God, I made it!!!!
Thank you K53website
I passed my learners after using this site for an awesome site and easy to understand
I have a serious learning problem and I cannot even begin to explain the pressure this site took off of me.
On my first attempt, I passed my learners 98% 04/07/2016.
Thank you , I passed , Great Site !
But would have failed if I got one more question wrong. There were many questions outside the K53 curriculum. Just stay calm and revise beyond this site aswell.
diane pugh
hi passed my learners test using your site I failed the first time .I am from the uk but living in sa so some rules and sign's are a little different, the site is informative and easy to use , .Thank you Diane Pugh
This site is super amazing! just passed my learner's today- first attempt. And this site played a huuuge role in that. Thanks guys.
This site is amazing, wrote my test on Tuesday. It was my first time and I got a perfect score!!

Thank you so much! :-)
I failed twice but then discovered this site. Now i'm confident enough to get it on the third time! Thank you guys
Thank you guys .I passed my learners 09/06/2016.this website really helped me a lot ,I failed twice before I discover this was really helpfull
I booked for my learner's test on the 18th May 2016 for the 27th May 2016, then logged into this website. I actually passed my test. Thank you very much guys. God bless you.
I wrote my learners today and passed! Discovered this website today and going through those questions helped a lot. I would just recommend learning the signs well :)
Thanks guys, passed my learners. Great site...
Thank you sooo much. You really helped me. I passed 1st time around!! Awesome
I wrote my code 2 test on 30/05/2016 and I passed I will strongly recommend this site to everyone. the cheat sheet was of utmost significance. I also coupled it with the K53 book. thanks a lot to the site developers.
I just passed my code 3/10 learners (24/30),(24/30) and (8/8), thanks alot to guys who set this site up. Only struggled abit with some signs which weren't featured in this test but was enough to get me through.
This site was really helpful and I passed by revising here. Even recommended it to friends who are also getting their learner's.
I honestly feel that the mock test helped me pass my learners.Well basically everything the site offers helped me .First try and passed so excited
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Passed today (28Aug2014), thanx to this website. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

There were some questions not covered in the k53 though.
Anyway, thanx guys.