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Mister Black
A big thanks to the developers/owners of this site, it proved to be very helpful.
I highly recommend this site to anyone studying for their learners.
First time attempt and by the grace of God, I made it!!!!
Thank you K53website
I passed my learners after using this site for an awesome site and easy to understand
I have a serious learning problem and I cannot even begin to explain the pressure this site took off of me.
On my first attempt, I passed my learners 98% 04/07/2016.
Thank you , I passed , Great Site !
But would have failed if I got one more question wrong. There were many questions outside the K53 curriculum. Just stay calm and revise beyond this site aswell.
diane pugh
hi passed my learners test using your site I failed the first time .I am from the uk but living in sa so some rules and sign's are a little different, the site is informative and easy to use , .Thank you Diane Pugh
This site is super amazing! just passed my learner's today- first attempt. And this site played a huuuge role in that. Thanks guys.
This site is amazing, wrote my test on Tuesday. It was my first time and I got a perfect score!!

Thank you so much! :-)
I failed twice but then discovered this site. Now i'm confident enough to get it on the third time! Thank you guys
Thank you guys .I passed my learners 09/06/2016.this website really helped me a lot ,I failed twice before I discover this was really helpfull
I booked for my learner's test on the 18th May 2016 for the 27th May 2016, then logged into this website. I actually passed my test. Thank you very much guys. God bless you.
I wrote my learners today and passed! Discovered this website today and going through those questions helped a lot. I would just recommend learning the signs well :)
Thanks guys, passed my learners. Great site...
Thank you sooo much. You really helped me. I passed 1st time around!! Awesome
I wrote my code 2 test on 30/05/2016 and I passed I will strongly recommend this site to everyone. the cheat sheet was of utmost significance. I also coupled it with the K53 book. thanks a lot to the site developers.
I just passed my code 3/10 learners (24/30),(24/30) and (8/8), thanks alot to guys who set this site up. Only struggled abit with some signs which weren't featured in this test but was enough to get me through.
This site was really helpful and I passed by revising here. Even recommended it to friends who are also getting their learner's.
I honestly feel that the mock test helped me pass my learners.Well basically everything the site offers helped me .First try and passed so excited
Siyanda Majavu
Oh! Man.. am so grateful to this site. Passed my code 8 learners licence today (13/05/2016) first time. Discovered this site two days before my test and it really helped. I will definitely recommend to people. Thank you guys..
Tshilindedzi Simeli
i only used this site when i had to write my test and i passed first time... thank you so much.
Craig Castello
Hi, I found your web site and thank you. I did the test questions twice and passed my code 10 learners first time. Thanks for a great initiative. This is truly a site for all promising drivers to be. 11/05/2016
Thank you so much for this website I passed my learners licence on the 09/05/2016 and it's the computerised test. And I have recommended the site to others too. Keep it up and God Bless.
Really passed first time after revising on here and doing the tests. Some of the questions here are in the actual test itself!

Without this site, I would have failed as I left studying to the last minute.
I did my learner's test on 25/04/2016 and passed! This website has really helped me a lot. Thank you so much!
i have passed my test 22/04/2016 this site is excellent.i only got two question wrong.i am recommeding it to my friends . THANKS
Thanks a million for allowing us to use your site, and that being free on top of everything. I am based in Saudi Arabia and my wife passed her learners today by using the practice tests on the site. I sent her the pictures of the questions (all 134 of them) via Watsapp and she then provided me with the answers. We revised by looking at the result summary and in this way she had very good practice for her exams. I appreciate your effort to assist learners in preparation for their licence, Well done!!
Hey everyone I passed my learners test today thank you so much. This site was very helpful.
Nkosinathi Buthelezi
hello i am so happy to see and use this site. I passed today 21-04-2016, will recomend this to my friends. THANK YOU once again.
Just got my learners license. Thank you GYL....
Next stop is Drivers licence
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I would really like to give you a big up for assiting me with my learners. I studied two nights before my test whie at work and I aced that test, thank you very much for this site, i sure will let people know! yoll ROCK!!!!