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this site is the best first time writing a learners and i passed tanx a lot.
this site is the best first time writing for a learners and i passed tanx a lot.
this site is the best tanx first time writing a learners and i passed. tanx a lot
Lusungu Nyirenda
Just passed my learners test, first attempt!!!!! All thanks to this website
Lusungu Nyirenda
Just passed my learners test today, first attempt!!!! All thanks to this website
Yooh your website rocks I passed my leaner's license test today, first time
Thanks Guys
This site helped a lot! Passed my learners thanks to the tests and info on this site! Will definitely recommend it☺
the online test was brilliant!!!!! :)
thanks alot.
Your website helped me so much!
I wrote your test before my test and I passed :D
Big up to your site,I passed my learners today. Testing on Feb 26th 2016 can' t wait to join your get your drivers team. Hopefully its going to be another great journey. All thanks
Cheat sheet is great and the practice test helped a ton. Got my learners today!
I wrote my learners today (26-01-2016) and I was one of three people who passed!!!, I can't believe it.

Guys please look at the road signs (even the obscure ones), the test catches people out with them!
thanks guyz for an awesome website , i passed my learners on the 15-01-2016, thanks to this website
thank you for an amazing website , i wrote my learners on the 15-01-2016 and i passed with excellent results , thank you once again
Yoooh!!guys I pass my learners through this... Site..without waisting money to driving school
thanks alot guys this site helped me see what was coming and so i managed to pass the first time around
Great website got my learners today 2016/01/16 good luck to future writers.
amazing. Thanks for all the help and testing!
This site is just awesome, helped me till the very end to pass my learners license. Probably did the tests a dozen times and it made me really confident to go into the test room and ACE the test!
I was so scared that I didn't know my rules well enough but this sight is truly helpful.
Thank you
Thank you very much K53 I revised here last night before my test in the morning and i passed 100%, You rock!!!!!!!
7 January 2015
First time pass!
I would just like to say to a very huge thank you. I passed my learners today 07.01.2016
Thank you so much to your website for the mock tests and quickfire road sign tests. This has really helped me so much! And i must say because i knew all the signs , rules of the road and vehicle controls, it was the easiest test ever! Thank you once again.
Ashvir Hiralall
I wrote my test today 29/12/2015 and I got 1 wrong and i failed it ... All what I learned from this website didn't help me . I was not given the option to see what I got wrong , I was just told to reapply .
After learning the info on this site I passed my learners the first time. I am a happy!
Janine Williams
Great site! The mock test really helped a lot! Passed - the first time
writing this morning at 10 this site has been very helpful cant wait 17/12/2015
This website is awesome!! I'm writing tomorrow and confident that I will pass! I was so worried because the book has waaaay too many things to remember including things you don't usually see. But by practising using this website things became clearer and I am sure I will pass tomorrow. Thank you again.
Excellent and helpful, I passed first time! Just a tip: Read through the answers carefully in your learners test. Good Luck!
I just want to thank your website, I wrote my learners this morning and passed after my fourth attempt. I will recommend this site to anyone. Goodluck to all that are still going to write their test. :) :) :)
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I passed my learner's test yesterday first time. I do so well thanks to some of the questions on this site. The cheat sheet is definite must read :)