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I was so scared that I didn't know my rules well enough but this sight is truly helpful.
Thank you
Thank you very much K53 I revised here last night before my test in the morning and i passed 100%, You rock!!!!!!!
7 January 2015
First time pass!
I would just like to say to a very huge thank you. I passed my learners today 07.01.2016
Thank you so much to your website for the mock tests and quickfire road sign tests. This has really helped me so much! And i must say because i knew all the signs , rules of the road and vehicle controls, it was the easiest test ever! Thank you once again.
Ashvir Hiralall
I wrote my test today 29/12/2015 and I got 1 wrong and i failed it ... All what I learned from this website didn't help me . I was not given the option to see what I got wrong , I was just told to reapply .
After learning the info on this site I passed my learners the first time. I am a happy!
Janine Williams
Great site! The mock test really helped a lot! Passed - the first time
writing this morning at 10 this site has been very helpful cant wait 17/12/2015
This website is awesome!! I'm writing tomorrow and confident that I will pass! I was so worried because the book has waaaay too many things to remember including things you don't usually see. But by practising using this website things became clearer and I am sure I will pass tomorrow. Thank you again.
Excellent and helpful, I passed first time! Just a tip: Read through the answers carefully in your learners test. Good Luck!
I just want to thank your website, I wrote my learners this morning and passed after my fourth attempt. I will recommend this site to anyone. Goodluck to all that are still going to write their test. :) :) :)
I have never in my life been so scared over an test.
Thanks to this kick-ass web site! I learned a lot.
writing my learner tomorrow(10-12-2015) :)

Gypsy Girl.
Thank You for the online learners test, it was helpful.Got my Learners today
wrote my learners in July 2015 and I passed using this website only for a week or so , didnt open the K53 book not even once. Most Questions here are there on the test just as they are.. Thank you. ... you guys do a great job.
deliwe rosina
I have passed my learners 2day thanks to this site
Thank u k53 I passed my learners today
I wrote my learners today for the first time and passed with flying colours!

I used this website, and the K53 book, and with some good studying and practicing with the mock tests, I was able to pass the test without much trouble.

For anyone with their test coming up, all I can say is STUDY, and PRACTICE.
Good luck to everyone!
I love this site. It has helped me so much. If you really want to test yourself then this site is the best. I love it, will recommend it to anyone.
Thanks this site was so helpful i just passed my learners today. at mkhuhlu..thanks again
i wrote my test and passed it for the first time and with spectacular marks, tanks a lot...
Writing my learners today. Super stressed. But thanks to the online questions I think I'm ready.
hie i would like to thank this site its helpfull i passed my learners today
Just have to give you guys a big thank you for creating this site, I wrote my Learners on 20.11.2015 and I passed oh yeah oh yeah... Most of the questions on this site will be in the test not all of it, but this site has been a tremendous help... Thanx so much, really grateful....
Good morning,
Thanks guys for this site i pass my learners on thursday ( 19/11/2015 ).
I failed my learners first attempt but this site is wonderful if only I knew about it before. I'm going to book again ,I'm crossing thumbs
OMG Thanks to this site I got my learners code 8 on 05/11/2015. I was so nervous as it was my first time wirting the test but I was prepared thanks to this site.

A lot of thanks to the whole team you guys ROCK
Passed my learners yesterday 19/11/2015 this is the best site to study from I recommend it to anyone
Phindile Tamia
Phindile, Thanks a lot guys l passed my learner's today by just revising here.
Thanks Again
Soomaya Alli
Got my learners today. Thanks to this awesome site.
Thank you so much, I got my Learner's the first time, despite being on the site for a very short period.

Thank you

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Wrote my learners this morning (18/10/2017) and Passed it ! First Time ! This site is amazing , I didn't touch the K53 book and did all my studying on here ! I'll definitely recommend it to all my friends xx