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OMG Thanks to this site I got my learners code 8 on 05/11/2015. I was so nervous as it was my first time wirting the test but I was prepared thanks to this site.

A lot of thanks to the whole team you guys ROCK
Passed my learners yesterday 19/11/2015 this is the best site to study from I recommend it to anyone
Phindile Tamia
Phindile, Thanks a lot guys l passed my learner's today by just revising here.
Thanks Again
Soomaya Alli
Got my learners today. Thanks to this awesome site.
Thank you so much, I got my Learner's the first time, despite being on the site for a very short period.

Thank you

Passed my learners after doing only the mock test on this website about 3 times.
Very helpful, only got a few questions wrong.
thanks a lot guys it was so easy for me to pass my Learners
i would like to thank the admin of this app,it helped me a lot,i pass my Learners and im now going for Licence test this month
And I am still wondering why I was not charged for such amazing knowledge,Soooo helpful
marthinus van den heever
I am writing on Friday my est. have done the test 4 times and did very good.
If I passed I will let all of my friends that do not have there licenses to use this site. still going to study more until Friday.
11/11/2015 This is a great guide to work with. A lot of the questions came up although worded differently in the actually test but passed first time! Thanks!
I got my learners today. Thanks to this site!
Busisiwe Khuluse
Passed my learners today .Thanks to this website.
Yay Me
Great News passed my learners today, thanks.
Passed my learners today this site helped me so much I recommend this site to everyone
Mbali Mayisela
Thanks for the site, it really prepared me for my learners and I passed first time around
got my learners today 4/11/2015 thanx to this wondefull site. got full marks. test was the same as your mock test
This site is very helpful, l just got my learners code 8. Thank you so much guys.
Hi Guys

Just wanna thank you for this wonderful site. i passed my leaners today 29/10/2015 first attempt. Thank you so much.
Big thank you!!! I passed my code 08 learners
This is really a great site. Passed my learners for the 2nd time 28/10/2015. Not as good as the first and as good like i wanted to but i'm through! Now to get the Drivers - Velddrif
I aced my test written yesterda 27/10/2015..thanks to this are the bestest!!!!!!!!!!!!
Petronella Holby
Thanks a lot I pass my learners yesterday. This website is truly amazing. I recommend this website to all my friends
I'm Writing my test on the 04/11/2015. Been studying using the website will let you guys know how it goes. please hold thumbs for me hope I pass my learners for kode 10 - Vanderbijlpark
I got my learners thnx 2 dis website wow gr8 job guys
thank u so much 2 dis syt I passed my learners yrstrdy...dis site is the best an I recommend it to any1..20-10-15
Alex Meulenbeld
Passed first try thanks to this great site! Highly recommend to anyone. Go do the practice test until you know the questions perfectly and you will do fine!
Thanks a lot GetYourLearners !! I passed the first time :)
Studied extremely hard
did this online test and got 100% every time but I faild my actual learners test with 2 points ..
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Faldielah Harris
good morning

would like you thank you for this application you got going. will advise everyone that going for learners test to take this as it helped me a lot and i passed without difficulty..
must say the same questions you get here you will get in test...
so thank you very much and well done