About Us

Getyourlearners.co.za is a free site which aims to help you pass your Learners Licence test and make you a safer driver. While we do provide revision material, the main purpose of our site is to provide practice questions via our online testing system. We realised that most, if not all of the Learner’s info can be found in K53 Learners books, but that people would not necessarily have an easy way to test themselves, and thus our testing system was born.

Lennie the Learners License Test Mascot pictureOur Revision Material:

Rules of the Road
Road Signs & Markings
Vehicle Controls

Our Testing Material:

K53 Mock Test
Quickfire Road Sign Test

Sister Site:

GetYourDrivers.co.za is our sister site. Once you’ve got your Learner’s Licence, GetYourDrivers is there to help you get your Driver’s Licence. It has a directory of driving schools and instructors to help you find an instructor, a directory of driving and learning resources from all over the web, as well as loads of information about the driver’s licence test.


Roganix is the company behind GetYourLearners.co.za & GetYourDrivers.co.za.

Roganix’s portfolio of websites include educational and cognitive enhancement resources which are available for free (where possible) or at genuinely low prices.