South African Road Signs

Welcome! Here you can study all of the K53 South African Road Signs and Markings. You’ll need to know most of these signs for your Learner’s Licence Test, and it is advisable to know all of them in order to become a good driver and pass your future Driver’s Licence Test – you never know which traffic signs you might come across during your test! There are around 30 questions on South Africa’s Road Signs in the Learners test, and learners need to achieve 77% (23/30) or higher in order to pass it.

Some learners have trouble remembering all the different South African Road Signs and what they mean. An easy way to study them for your learners test is to learn what certain types of Road Signs look like. For example, Action Command signs tend to be round, blue signs with white boarders; these signs command learners and drivers to do certain things, such as keep left or that only busses may drive here.

Once you have learned some basic rules about Road Signs for your test, you can generally figure out what the signs are saying. You need to know your road signs for both your Learner’s and Driver’s Licence Tests – if you choose to take driving lessons with an instructor, they will expect you to know your road signs well enough to drive safely on the road. (Need a driving instructor? Find one at

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