Goods may not be loaded onto a vehicle in such a manner that it may-

come into contact with the surface of the road,

obscure the drivers/riders view of traffic to the front or on either side, or his or her view in the rear-view mirror or mirrors of traffic to the rear;

which are not—

safely contained within the body of such vehicle; or

securely fastened to such vehicle,

and which are not properly protected from being dislodged or spilled from such vehicle;

on the roof thereof, in the case where such vehicle is a motorcar, if the height of such goods measured from the highest point of such roof exceeds one-half of the height of the motor car, measured from ground level: Provided that the provisions of this paragraph shall not be applicable in respect of pedal cycles being transported on the roof of a motor vehicle.

Any container, which has provision for fastening by means of “twist locks”, unless such container is securely fastened by at least four “twist locks”.

Transporting baggage on a motorcycle in the best possible way is to place the baggage into suitable carriers attached securely to the motorcycle.