The following vehicles may not be used on a freeway—

a vehicle drawn by an animal;

a pedal cycle;

a motorcycle having an engine with a cylinder capacity not exceeding 50cc (cubic centimetres) or which is propelled by electrical power;

a motor quadrucycle;

a vehicle with a mass not exceeding 230 kilograms and specially designed, constructed or adapted for the use of a person suffering from a physical defect or disability; or

a tractor, except when such tractor is used in connection with the construction or maintenance of a freeway.

No person shall stop a vehicle on a freeway except—

in compliance with a road traffic sign or a direction given by a traffic officer;

within an area reserved for the stopping or parking of vehicles by an appropriate road traffic sign, or

for any reason beyond his or her control.

No person shall –

give a hand signal when driving/riding a motor vehicle on a freeway except for a reason beyond his or her control.

be on a freeway on foot under normal circumstances.

leave or allow an animal to be on a freeway or leave an animal in a place from where it may stray onto a freeway.

When a driver/rider of a vehicle travelling on a freeway notices a vehicle in front of him/her wishing to merge from an On-ramp, such driver/rider must allow a vehicle to merge in front of them.