No person shall stop a vehicle on the roadway of a public road-

except in order to avoid an accident,

with a direction given by a traffic officer,

for any cause beyond the control of the driver/rider,

alongside or opposite an excavation or obstruction on the public road if other traffic would be obstructed or endangered by such stopping;

within any tunnel or subway or on any bridge or within 6 metres of any tunnel, subway or bridge;

on, or within 6 metres from the beginning or end of, any part of such roadway where the normal width thereof has for any reason been constricted;

in contravention of any road traffic sign;

on the right-hand side of such roadway facing oncoming traffic;

alongside or opposite any other vehicle on such roadway where such roadway is less than 9 metres wide;

within the railway reserve at a level crossing;

within 9 metres of his or her approaching side of a demarcated pedestrian crossing;

in any other place where the stopping of a vehicle would constitute a danger or an obstruction to other traffic.